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After putting in the time and energy to craft delicious new dressings that perfectly complement your restaurant's salads, you need an appropriate vessel with which to serve those dressings. We carry an array of salad dressing servers so you can find ones to match the aesthetic of your establishment, whether you're looking for salad dressing jars, glass bottles, or simple plastic containers. We also carry options that let operators divvy up premade salad dressings to leave on each table, so your customers can decide their own portions. Many health-conscious customers are asking for dressing on the side, and table-side dressing bottles mean staff members don't have to spend time filling small cups with dressing. The same goes for customers that can't get enough dressing – hand them a bottle instead of trying to guess how much they want. We'll go over KaTom's selection of salad dressing servers below and then answer some common questions. More

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Tablecraft BH7
Tablecraft BH7 6 oz Glass Syrup Dispenser w/ Chrome Plated Top

KaTom #: 229-BH7

In Stock
$4.25 / Each
Tablecraft 748R
Tablecraft 748R 48 oz All Purpose Dispenser, Red Top

KaTom #: 229-748R

In Stock
$7.50 / Each
Service Ideas SRJ10CL
Service Ideas SRJ10CL 10 oz Syrup Dispenser, BPA Free, Clear

KaTom #: 482-SRJ10CL

In Stock
$4.51 / Each
Tablecraft 748A
Tablecraft 748A Dispenser, 48 oz., Almond ABS Top, All Purpose

KaTom #: 229-748A

In Stock
$7.50 / Each
Vollrath 614-18
Vollrath 614-18 14 oz Syrup Server - Almond Plastic Cap, Glass Jar

KaTom #: 175-61418

In Stock
$7.52 / Each
Vollrath 614-02
Vollrath 614-02 14 oz Syrup Server - Red Plastic Cap, Glass Jar

KaTom #: 175-61402

In Stock
$7.43 / Each
Vollrath 606-18
Vollrath 606-18 6 oz Syrup Server - Almond Plastic Top, Glass Jar

KaTom #: 175-60618

In Stock
$6.31 / Each
Vollrath 1414-01
Vollrath 1414-01 Dripcut Server Jar, 16 oz, Clear Poly Jar w/ Brown Pl...

KaTom #: 175-141401

$106.53 / 1 Dozen
Tablecraft N48
Tablecraft N48 48 oz Salad Dressing Dispenser - Clear/Black

KaTom #: 229-N48

$12.63 / Each
Vollrath 4864-18
Vollrath 4864-18 64 oz Syrup Server - Almond Plastic Top, Poly

KaTom #: 175-486418

$85.70 / Pack of 6
Vollrath 4748-02
Vollrath 4748-02 48 oz Syrup Server - White Poly Jar, Red Plastic Top

KaTom #: 175-474802

In Stock
$12.10 / Each
Vollrath 632-02
Vollrath 632-02 32 oz Syrup Server - Red Plastic Top, White Poly Jar

KaTom #: 175-63202

In Stock
$12.33 / Each
Vollrath 1212
Vollrath 1212 10 oz Syrup Server - Chrome Cap, Poly, Clear

KaTom #: 175-1212

In Stock
$144.74 / 1 Dozen
Vollrath 206-0
Vollrath 206-0 6 oz Syrup Server - Chrome Cap, Clear Glass

KaTom #: 175-206

In Stock
$9.65 / Each
Tablecraft 1371BK
Tablecraft 1371BK 12 oz Modern Glass Dispenser w/ ABS Top, Black

KaTom #: 229-1371BK

$55.98 / 1 Dozen
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Common Questions About Salad Dressing Bottles

Why do I need dressing bottles?

These bottles give creative chefs a place to store and serve their house-made salad dressings. Operators can also use extra bottles to portion out commercial salad dressings for dispensing either in the kitchen or at the table. Table-side salad dressing bottles give customers control over the quantity and positioning of their dressing, which could be beneficial to some establishments. Others might prefer holding the dressing in the kitchen and distributing it as the dish is prepared – this option could need dressing servers for easier dispensing if, for example, the dressing is purchased in large quantities and comes in unwieldy containers. These different needs can be met by different bottle styles, which we'll go over below.

Which style of salad dressing bottle do I need?

The style of bottle you need depends on your intended application. If you want to provide each table with a serving bottle of your homemade salad dressing, you'll want containers that match the rest of your establishment's décor. KaTom carries a wide variety of dispensers to help you meet this goal. If the salad dressing you're serving is attractive and colorful, consider getting clear, clouded, or glass bottles to show it off.

On the other hand, if you just need bottles to hold your dressing before plating it, the aesthetics aren't as important. Simple plastic servers are cheaper than decorative ones, and if customers won't be seeing them, they will work just as well. Clear bottles enable operators to see how much dressing is left and refill them when necessary, while opaque options can provide specialized decoration. Other stylized options include items such as salad dressing jars, which fit quite well with rustic or farm-to-table themes.

What pieces are included with dressing servers?

Some of our offerings are sold as sets, ensuring every table in your establishment has matching bottles. These sets can include varying options, so you can change up the spouts, for example. Before purchasing a set, consult the product specifications page for each item so you can know for certain what you'll be getting. Additional options enable operators to use their bottles for other purposes, such as serving juice, syrup, or other liquids.

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