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From the Classic Series, the KitchenAid five-speed blender allows for fine tuning your recipes whether you need to stir, chop, mix puree, or liquefy. There's also a separate crush ice feature for making smoothies and frozen cocktails. An Intellispeed motor control detects the viscosity of the blender's contents and adjusts accordingly to prevent strain on the motor and to achieve speedy results. KitchenAid's Diamond blender includes all the features of the classic, in addition to a large, 60-oz. Diamond jar that creates a unique vortex as your product blends for a smooth, uniform texture. The ultimate offering in their blender lineup is the Torrent blender, featuring a slide-in pitcher that requires minimal effort from the operator. This KitchenAid blender includes pre-set recipe programs to blend common creations like juice, soup, milkshakes, and smoothies with the press of a button. More

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