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Founded by a Swiss master butcher, Jaccard provides essential chef tools ranging from chef's knives to mandolin slicers. The company's well-known meat tenderizer has given rise to the term "Jaccarding", a process for tenderizing meat in a way that gives even tough cuts a tender, juicy texture. Other useful Jaccard tools include a variety of graters and rasps. More

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Jaccard 201403
Jaccard 201403 Pre-Soaked Cedar Grilling Plank - 11" x 5.5"

KaTom #: 063-201403

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Jaccard 201401
Jaccard 201401 2.5 liter Speedy Plus Instant Marinater - 6" x 9", Red

KaTom #: 063-201401

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Jaccard 200904
Jaccard 200904 4" Ceramic Utility Knife w/ Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle

KaTom #: 063-200904

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Jaccard 200819
Jaccard 200819 Mandolin Set w/ Advanced Stainless Blade, 2 Direction

KaTom #: 063-200819

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Jaccard 200905
Jaccard 200905 5" Ceramic Santoku Knife w/ Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle

KaTom #: 063-200905

$19.25 / Each
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Jaccard's kitchen tools include several of the most essential pieces:

  • Jaccard meat tenderizers are some of the most trusted in the industry, so much so that the term "Jaccarding" has become synonymous with the unique method of mechanical tenderizing the tools made popular with American chefs.
  • Jaccard Mandolin sets are built for safety and versatility. Their Safe Hands™ mandolin set is designed to be the safest to operator in the industry. The unique Dial-A-Slice™ system gives operators precision control over the thickness of the end product.
  • Ceramic knives from Jaccard are designed to hold their factory edge up to 15 times longer than stainless steel blades, and they won't brown delicate fruits and vegetables. They're light, well-balanced, and easy to handle.
  • Jaccard peelers also take advantage of ceramic blade technology to create a sharp, reliable edge that extends the useful life these important tools. They're available as Y-peelers and swivel peelers to match your staff's needs.
  • Another useful innovation from Jaccard is their Home N' Away portable cooking stove, which is powered by butane. It's a useful addition to catering toolboxes and essential for mobile cooks that need to take their equipment on the road for demonstration cooking.
  • Jaccard's graters and rasps range from fine to extra course, with several available in between. Choose a box grater with a section each for fine, coarse, and ribbon grating.
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