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Hot coffee is a common request from many patrons, but satisfying those guests can be a real challenge when demand is infrequent and unpredictable. With high-volume coffee concentrate machines, providing cup after cup of piping hot coffee is a breeze. No matter how large your venue might be, these dispensers can make serving your patrons simple and efficient. More

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Serving the masses cup after cup of hot coffee is no longer a problem with a high-volume coffee concentrate machine. Available in both back of the house and merchandiser designs, keeping cups full and customers happy will be a simple process. Essentially a coffee extract, coffee concentrate has come a long way and now is considered to be a satisfactory way to present coffee to large groups.

Back of the House Dispensers

High-volume dispensers use liquid coffee concentrate to help you meet the high demand of your banquet hall, convention center, stadium, or hotel by making between 30 and 145 gallons per hour of steaming hot coffee right at your fingertips. They can hold up to three 1-gallon bag-in-box units. The refrigerated compartment helps maintain and extend the flavor of your concentrated coffee.

Coffee concentrate machines are made of stainless steel, making them durable and easy to clean. The refrigerated cabinet maintains temperatures between 41 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of them will need to be plumbed and wired professionally. They have an optional “auto-switching” function that will move to a full bag-in-box when the other is emptied.

These units will deliver six ounces per second of hot coffee on demand. They also have hot water faucets that will enable you to serve cereals, soups, and other hot beverages like tea and cocoa. Three dispense buttons allow dispensing of up to three portion sizes. These units have an 18-gallon tank and are available with Scholle QC, 1910, or QCD-II connectors, depending on which type of concentrate you plan to use with it.

Merchandiser Dispensers

These merchandising coffee concentrate machines are attractive and come in a narrow, tall profile or a shorter, stouter profile. The narrow units take up only 12 inches of counter space, while the shorter units may be necessary in certain areas where clearance is lower. They are available in styles that take refrigerated or ambient coffee formulas, but both options feature an insulated product cabinet. Both will accommodate one half gallon and one gallon bag-in-box containers, so you'll always have plenty of coffee at the ready.

These dispensers come in a sleek, black finish with stainless steel touches and vibrant graphic displays. These, too, require professional installation. They have simple controls for self-service applications and are easy to clean. They'll have one or two dispensing heads and are capable of producing two types of coffee, as well as hot water.

LED lights indicate when a coffee concentrate machine the unit requires a new supply of mix and when it should be cleaned. They can produce 120-125 five-ounce cups of coffee per hour. FlavorGard technology monitors the extract-to-water ratio to ensure the flavor is consistent, cup after cup. Controls allow for manual fill or portion controls. The units are available with Scholle 1910LX, Scholle QC, or LiquiBox OC/D II connectors.

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