Color Coded Cutting Boards

Color-coded cutting boards are designed to comply with your HACCP best practices and reduce cross-contamination to keep your guests and staff safe. Red can be used for raw meat, brown for cooked meat, white for dairy, and yellow for poultry. Blue can be used for seafood, while green can be used for fresh produce. This ensures that raw products and ready-to-eat products will never cross paths.

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Carlisle 1088214
Carlisle 1088214 Poly Cutting Board - 12x18x1/2" Blue

KaTom #: 028-1088214

$14.62 / Each
Winco CBYL-1824
Winco CBYL-1824 Cutting Board, 18 x 24 x .5", Yellow

KaTom #: 080-CBYL1824

In Stock
$14.76 / Each
Update CBRE-1824
Update CBRE-1824 Poly Cutting Board - 18x24x1/2" Red

KaTom #: 370-CBRE1824

In Stock
$12.74 / Each
Update CBBL-1824
Update CBBL-1824 Poly Cutting Board - 18x24x1/2" Blue

KaTom #: 370-CBBL1824

In Stock
$12.74 / Each
Update CBBR-1824
Update CBBR-1824 Poly Cutting Board - 18x24x1/2" Brown

KaTom #: 370-CBBR1824

In Stock
$12.74 / Each
Winco CBBU-1824
Winco CBBU-1824 Cutting Board, 18 x 24 x .5", Blue

KaTom #: 080-CBBU1824

$14.76 / Each
Winco CBGR-1824
Winco CBGR-1824 Cutting Board, 18 x 24 x .5", Green

KaTom #: 080-CBGR1824

In Stock
$14.76 / Each
Winco CBRD-1824
Winco CBRD-1824 Cutting Board, 18 x 24 x .5", Red

KaTom #: 080-CBRD1824

$14.76 / Each
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