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Restaurants, delis, hotels, and other foodservice operations that serve burgers, sandwiches, and other toasted bread items – including breakfast staples like toast and bagels – can rely on a bun toaster to meet demand even during peak hours. These high-volume machines are designed to toast multiple slices of bread at once, often in a matter of seconds. KaTom carries a variety of contact toasters to ensure eateries of any size and configuration can find the right one. Operators should consider production capacity, pass-through time, whether their operation requires a butter spreader, and if bread needs to be toasted on one or both sides. More

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APW M-2000
APW M-2000 Vertical Toaster - 1200 Bun Halves/hr w/ Butter Spreader, 2...

KaTom #: 011-M2000

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APW M-83
APW M-83 Vertical Toaster - 1600 Bun Halves/hr w/ Butter Spreader, 120...

KaTom #: 011-M83120

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APW M-95-3
APW M-95-3 Vertical Toaster - 1300 Bun Halves/hr w/ Butter Spreader, 2...

KaTom #: 011-M953208

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Vollrath VCT4-208
Vollrath VCT4-208 Vertical Toaster w/ 1400 Buns/hr Capacity, Stainless...

KaTom #: 175-VCT4208

Vollrath VCT4-240
Vollrath VCT4-240 Vertical Toaster w/ 1400 Buns/hr Capacity, Stainless...

KaTom #: 175-VCT4240

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Commonly Asked Questions About Bun Toasters

What is a butter spreader?

In especially high-volume operations, a butter spreader can be added to a bun toaster, turning it into a machine that automatically butters buns and bread slices. This can save valuable time for employees during peak service hours by allowing them to focus on other tasks. However, not all models have a butter spreader accessory available.

Can a bun toaster be used to toast other bread items?

Yes, many vertical toasters are also capable of toasting other flat bread products, like slices of bread and bagel halves. These may also be called bread and bun toasters. Whether these machines can accommodate thick Texas-style bread depends on the size of the toaster's opening.

How do I clean a bun toaster?

Vertical toasters should be allowed to cool before cleaning. Many toasters have removable components, such as a crumb tray, that should be removed from the rest of the unit and handwashed separately. The full unit should never be submerged in water, but the exterior may be wiped down by a non-abrasive cleaner and a damp cloth. However, the exact cleaning instructions for your unit will depend on the manufacturer and can be referenced in the operating manual.

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