Since 1958, Baxter ovens have provided bakeries, restaurants, and other commercial foodservice operations with reliable baking equipment, including convection ovens and rotating rack ovens powered by electricity or gas. Today, Baxter is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, which is also the parent company of Hobart, Traulsen, Vulcan, and other well-known brands. More

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Baxter BV400G
Baxter BV400G VersaOven™ Single Full Size Natural Gas Convection Oven...

KaTom #: 422-BV400G

$24,646.88 / Each
Baxter OV310E
Baxter OV310E Electric Rotating Rack Oven, 208v/3ph

KaTom #: 422-OV310E

$13,074.60 / Each
Baxter OV310G
Baxter OV310G Gas Rotating Rack Oven, NG

KaTom #: 422-OV310G

$14,709.75 / Each
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Baxter's engineers understand how quickly commercial kitchens must adapt to their customers' changing preferences, which is reflected in the company's motto: "Proven technology. Authentic results." Baxter ovens are designed with innovative technology and user-friendly features to help operators create consistent meals with efficient, long-lasting equipment.

Baxter bakery ovens are equipped with a proprietary airflow system, which uses a ceiling-mounted fan to eliminate hot and cold spots to evenly bake items. They also feature a self-contained steam system that disperses heat and moisture to further provide consistent temperatures throughout the oven. To ensure operators can find the right model for their kitchens, Baxter ovens are available with gas or electric heat.

The VersaOven™ and Baxter rotating ovens are two of the company's most popular units. Because of its automated wash system, the VersaOven requires just 2 hours to run a heavy cleaning cycle; operators can also run shorter cleaning cycles throughout the day. Full-size and mini Baxter rotating ovens can bake, cook, and reheat everything from delicate pastries to hearty meats. Digital controls and the capability to store as many as 99 programs ensure these units are suitable for high-volume production in commissaries, hotels, catering operations, and restaurants.

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