Wood & Nylon Prep Spoons

Excellent for mixing, blending, cooking and other general kitchen uses, wood and nylon prep spoons can serve a wide variety of purposes. Found in kitchens throughout the world, these types of spoons don't scratch or ding delicate surfaces like non-stick coatings on pans or seasoned cast iron pans. Wooden spoons should be kept out of the dishwasher and never soaked, but hand washed and stored in a cool dry place. On the other hand, nylon spoons are durable, dishwasher safe, heat resistant, easy to clean and are color coded for controlled food contact demanded by HACCP programs. Available in a many sizes from 8-1/2 to 18 inches, we have the mixing utensil to fit the needs of your commercial or residential kitchen.

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Winco WWP-18
Winco WWP-18 18-in Wooden Spoon

SKU: 080-WWP18