Wire Whip / Whisk

A common tool in any commercial or residential kitchen, a wire whip or whisk can be used for mixing delicate sauces and batters, whipping cream, making toppings, whipping egg whites for meringue and many other mixing tasks. This utensil is used to incorporate air into the product resulting in light and fluffy mixture. The most common are the balloon style named for their round shape which works best for mixing bowls. The piano style is similar to the balloon style, but feature fewer wires making them a great all-purpose tool. The French type has a more cylindrical profile with narrower loops making it great for deeper straight-sided pans.

French Whip

Perfect for mixing, blending and whisking in tall or straight-sided containers, a French whip can be used when making sauces and thin batters, whipping cream, m...

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Piano Whip

Great for any general mixing, blending, whipping or whisking a piano whip can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Used to incorporate air into ingredients, res...

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