Temperature Probe

A valuable add-on to your thermometer or thermocouple, a thermometer probe can expand the ways you can use your tool, from extending its temperature range to making it read more quickly. Different types of probes are available, named according to the metal alloy they're made of. Type K is the most popular probe in foodservice because of its affordability and wide temperature range. Type T thermometers are not uncommon and are valued for their high accuracy.

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Comark ATT29
Comark ATT29 4 ft Oven Probe w/ Clip, Type K

KaTom #: 113-ATT29

In Stock
$14.97 / Each
Comark PX22L
Comark PX22L Penetration Probe For C22

KaTom #: 113-PX22L

$50.09 / Each
Comark ATT19
Comark ATT19 Oven Probe with Clip, 4 ft, Type J

KaTom #: 113-ATT19

In Stock
$17.46 / Each
Comark PK24M/US
Comark PK24M/US Penetration Probe w/ 4" Stem, Type K

KaTom #: 113-PK24MUS

$42.00 / Each
Comark SK21M
Comark SK21M Type K Surface Probe w/ Straight Stem

KaTom #: 113-SK21M

$29.01 / Each
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