Restaurant Table Tops

Table tops hold plates, cups, resting elbows, drumming fingertips, napkins, silverware, placemats - everything you serve your customers and the things customers bring. Much of your patrons' experience takes place on your tables. Rejuvenating the look and feel of your restaurant's tables doesn't have to be stressful. We'll help you find the right table tops for your establishment. More

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Commonly Asked Questions About Restaurant Table Tops

Which table tops fit which bases?

Most bases will work with most tops. The only exceptions are when the top is too heavy for the base to support it reliably. Even marble or granite tops typically have wooden centers that can be attached to the base you already have. A few may be solid stone or steel throughout, but these are rare. If you have questions about a top you're interested in, don't hesitate to call KaTom's customer care.

What are restaurant table tops made of?

Topper materials range from marble to stainless steel to composite wood. Which material you'll need depends on a range of factors, but the most important things to consider are your budget and design aesthetic. An upscale restaurant may want to invest in marble or fine wood tabletops, while a casual taco place would do just fine with composite wood.

What are T-mold and bullnose edges?

T-mold and bullnose are two common types of restaurant table top edges. T-mold is a rounded insert, usually plastic or rubber, that covers the rough edges of the table top to provide a smooth and safe finish. Bullnose edging, on the other hand, describes a table that is carved to have a rounded edge. Bullnose edging maintains the singular look of the table, but T-molding is generally cheaper.

What table tops are suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

Usually, if a top is suitable for outdoor use it will be clearly listed. Any unit that will be used outside must be waterproof and weather resistant. Extreme changes in temperature could cause expansion or contraction that damages the integrity of the table top, while rain, snow, and excessive humidity can cause water damage. Most table tops have composite wood interiors, even if the exterior is made of stone. Composite table tops made for outdoor use will be waterproofed and sealed to withstand the elements.

What sizes and shapes do restaurant table tops come in?

Most table tops are offered in rectangular or round designs. Each option will have its size listed: diameter for round tables and width by depth for rectangular tables. Circular table tops run from 24 inches to 54 inches across, and rectangular table tops run from 24 x 30 inches to 30 x 72 inches. Each top's thickness will be listed, as well.

What types of wood table tops are available?

The most common wood table tops are made from particle board, with a finished top layer that is stained to meet the desired look. Pure wood tops are also available, though they cost more than composite types. Wooden table tops are typically covered with a melamine layer to protect them from scratches and weather.

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