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While not always the most eye-catching of tableside accessories, a sugar dispenser is nonetheless necessary to provide a good cup of coffee. Every establishment from a café to a country diner will be expected to serve coffee, and the best way to ensure customers get their desired sweetness is to let them add the sugar themselves. Our array of pourers means every operator can find an elegant dispenser that matches his or her décor. We carry everything from the traditional fluted glass sugar pourers you might see at a greasy spoon diner to creative, stylish options that will fit right in with a top-shelf coffee shop. We'll got over KaTom's selection below and then answer some common questions. More

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Update SK-FFL
Update SK-FFL 12 oz Sugar Jar - Flap Top, Glass/Chrome

KaTom #: 370-SKFFL

$12.85 / 1 Dozen
American Metalcraft GLA316
American Metalcraft GLA316 Sugar Pourer w/ 12 oz Capacity, Glass/Stain...

KaTom #: 166-GLA316

In Stock
$12.12 / Case of 12
Winco G-102
Winco G-102 12 oz Glass Sugar Pourer w/ Flap Top

KaTom #: 080-G102

In Stock
$1.15 / Each
Schonwald 9124922
Schonwald 9124922 7.75 oz Allure Sugar Bowl - Porcelain, Bone White

KaTom #: 024-9124922

$118.58 / Case of 6
10 Strawberry Street WTR-18
10 Strawberry Street WTR-18 13 oz Sugar Bowl w/ Cover - Porcelain, Whi...

KaTom #: 861-WTR18

In Stock
$18.15 / Case of 6
Vollrath 930
Vollrath 930 12 oz Continental Sugar Pourer - Chrome Cap, Glass

KaTom #: 175-930

$126.60 / 1 Dozen
Anchor 62422
Anchor 62422 Sugar Shaker w/ Stainless Lid, Crystal

KaTom #: 075-62422

In Stock
$10.64 / Case of 6
Schonwald 9064919
Schonwald 9064919 6.5 oz Round Sugar Bowl w/ Lid, Porcelain, Marquis,...

KaTom #: 024-9064919

$143.64 / 1 Dozen
American Metalcraft BEE316
American Metalcraft BEE316 Sugar Shaker w/ 12 oz Capacity, Glass/Stain...

KaTom #: 166-BEE316

$14.48 / Case of 12
Anchor 64192B
Anchor 64192B 8 oz Presence Sugar Bowl With Cover, Crystal

KaTom #: 075-64192B

$13.77 / Case of 4
Vollrath 46597
Vollrath 46597 12 oz Sugar Server with Lid - Mirror-Finish Stainless

KaTom #: 175-46597

$13.96 / Each
Churchill WHBALSGR1
Churchill WHBALSGR1 8 oz Bamboo Sugar Bowl - Ceramic, White

KaTom #: 893-WHBALSGR1

In Stock
$105.12 / 1 Dozen
VIVA Scandinavia VS80646
VIVA Scandinavia VS80646 4.25 oz Nina Sugar - Artistry Collection, Cha...

KaTom #: 634-VS80646

$99.35 / 1 Dozen
Churchill APRAOSBF1
Churchill APRAOSBF1 8 oz Alchemy® Ambience Sugar Bowl - China, White

KaTom #: 893-APRAOSBF1

In Stock
$67.25 / Case of 6
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Common Questions About Sugar Dispensers

What varieties of sugar pourer are there?

The common image of a sugar dispenser is a fluted glass cylinder with a metal top and a flap that opens into a spout. Glass sugar dispensers fit well in brunch restaurants and traditional establishments such as diners, and because they hold a high volume of sugar, they will not need to be refilled as frequently as smaller versions. On the other hand, we have inventive new models, such as options with roll-top lids, triangular servers, glass bowls, and other decoratively designed plastic sugar dispensers.

The primary choice lies in getting a bowl or a pourer. Bowls require a spoon to dispense the sugar – this spoon can't be the same one used to stir the sugar in the drink, or the remaining sugar in the bowl will clump after contact with liquid. For this reason, bowls require higher maintenance, but they are also considered slightly more upscale. Pourers do not require a spoon and are unlikely to form clumps (though ambient humidity can still cause clumps).

Should I get a sugar bowl or pourer?

This choice depends almost entirely on the aesthetic of your establishment. Casual dining restaurants will want to go with a pourer because of the above-stated reasons: less maintenance, easier use, and a casual feel. Boutique coffee shops might find that sugar bowls add a touch of class to their service, and if employees are the only ones using the bowl, it can be kept clean and clump-free. However, some operators prefer to put a sugar bowl on each table, as they can demonstrate a commitment to service that a pragmatic pourer does not. We carry bowls in a variety of designs, with lids and without. Operators must pay special care with lidless bowls because leaving sugar exposed to the open air can attract pests, and no customer wants to see a fly landing on their sugar. Bowls can also add a nice decorative element to residential tables or coffee stations, where maintenance is not as much of an issue.

What material should I choose?

Glass and plastic sugar dispensers are the most common choices, as they are easy to clean and usually transparent, which means employees can tell when they're running low on sugar. Stainless steel is another popular option because of its durability. Glass sugar dispensers encourage a traditional aesthetic, while plastic pourers are cost-effective and come in a variety of designs. The primary differentiating factor here is personal preference – glass, plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel options will all serve well. Because sugar dispensers don't typically undergo heavy use, consider the existing feel of your establishment and choose an option that matches.

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