Stainless Steel Pans & Induction Cookware

Stainless steel pans are among the most versatile tools in your kitchen arsenal. They are measured in both ounces and inches, with the smallest ones holding 1 quart and the largest holding 16 quarts. They can be 5-1/2 to 16 inches in diameter. The straight sides help keep contents inside and minimize splatters, while the wide bottom helps ensure that heat is evenly distributed. Riveted cast iron and stainless handles make these pans easy for cooks to handle, they can be placed in the oven, and they're durable under constant use.

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Winco AXS-20C
Winco AXS-20C Cover for AXS-20/24 & AXAP-14

KaTom #: 080-AXS20C

$5.19 / Each
Winco AXS-16C
Winco AXS-16C Cover for AXS-10/12/16

KaTom #: 080-AXS16C

In Stock
$3.89 / Each
Winco AXS-60C
Winco AXS-60C Cover for AXS-60, AXBZ-18, & AXAP-34

KaTom #: 080-AXS60C

In Stock
$10.69 / Each
Winco AXS-40C
Winco AXS-40C Cover for AXS-40, AXBZ-18, & AXAP-26

KaTom #: 080-AXS40C

In Stock
$8.39 / Each
Winco AXS-80C
Winco AXS-80C Cover for AXS-60, AXBZ-18, & AXAP-34

KaTom #: 080-AXS80C

$12.39 / Each
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