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Scoops are some of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, allowing you to move, dispense, or serve any number of items. Available in a wide range of sizes, these plastic and metal models allow you to scoop ice, French fries, candy, or dry ingredients. Kitchen scoop storage is also available, with scoop holders and drip trays offering a way to neatly store your scoops when they are not in use.

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Update AS-12
Update AS-12 12-oz Utility Scoop - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-AS12

In Stock
$1.82 / Each
Winco AS-12
Winco AS-12 12-oz Aluminum Scoop

KaTom #: 080-AS12

In Stock
$1.79 / Each
Update AS-5
Update AS-5 5-oz Utility Scoop - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-AS5

In Stock
$1.31 / Each
Update SCP-6C
Update SCP-6C 6-oz Polycarbonate Scoop - Clear

KaTom #: 370-SCP6C

$1.50 / Each
Update AS-24
Update AS-24 24-oz Utility Scoop - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-AS24

In Stock
$3.15 / Each
Update BS-9
Update BS-9 6-oz Bar Scoop - Stainless

KaTom #: 370-BS9

In Stock
$1.17 / Each
Rubbermaid FG9F43000000
Rubbermaid FG9F43000000 ProServe 74-oz Scoop Holder

KaTom #: 007-FG9F43000000

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$15.00 / Each
Update AS-85
Update AS-85 85-oz Utility Scoop - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-AS85

In Stock
$7.72 / Each
Winco AS-38
Winco AS-38 38-oz Aluminum Scoop

KaTom #: 080-AS38

In Stock
$3.89 / Each
Rubbermaid FG9G5100CLR
Rubbermaid FG9G5100CLR 16-oz Safety Portioning Scoop - Clear

KaTom #: 007-9G51

In Stock
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$9.00 / Each
Winco AS-85
Winco AS-85 85-oz Aluminum Scoop

KaTom #: 080-AS85

In Stock
$6.99 / Each
Winco IS4
Winco IS4 4-oz Ice Scoop, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-IS4

In Stock
$1.21 / Each
Winco AS-5
Winco AS-5 5-oz Aluminum Scoop

KaTom #: 080-AS5

In Stock
$1.23 / Each
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