Sauce Pot

Sauce pots have tall, straight sides and flat bottoms designed to heat liquid for reducing sauces, boiling water, and steaming vegetables. Smaller sauce pot have stick handles that can be moved with one hand, while larger ones are built with loop handles and carried with two hands. Medium-sized pots might have both a stick handle and a "helper" loop handle.

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Winco AXAP-40
Winco AXAP-40 40-qt Sauce Pot, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-AXAP40

$48.66 / Each
Winco AXAP-8
Winco AXAP-8 8-qt Sauce Pot, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-AXAP8

$20.86 / Each
Winco AXHA-14
Winco AXHA-14 14-qt Sauce Pot, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-AXHA14

$43.41 / Each
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