Rubbermaid Washrooms

From automatic faucets to soap dispensers, Rubbermaid washroom supplies can help keep your restrooms well-maintained.

Rubbermaid Soap Dispenser

Help promote a healthy, clean environment with commercial soap dispensers by Rubbermaid. These dispense lotion, liquid, and foam varieties of hand cleaners.

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Rubbermaid Automatic Faucets

Reduce wasted water and the likelihood of cross-contamination in washrooms with touchless, automatic faucets by Rubbermaid.

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Rubbermaid Auto Flush

AutoFlush units by Rubbermaid help keep toilets and urinals clean while keeping user hands more sanitary. Available in chrome or white finishes.

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Rubbermaid Air Fresheners

Featuring nearly two-dozen scents in varying intensities, Rubbermaid air fresheners help neutralize and eliminate foul odors.

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Rubbermaid Automatic Toilet Cleaner

Ensure your toilets and urinals remain bacteria-free and freshly scented with Rubbermaid's automatic toilet cleaners.

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Rubbermaid Baby Changing Station

Bring your customers the reliability of a trusted brand with a baby changing station from Rubbermaid. These are designed with child safety in mind.

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