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Hot drinks are perfect for knocking off the chill of a cold day, and guests love a cozy coffee place to rest and relax. Melamine coffee cups, which are a type of hardened plastic resin, offer a safe, durable method to serve your carefully crafted cups of coffee. Plastic mugs are a strong and versatile option for serving your hot drinks, and cost-effective melamine provides a crisp appearance and easy cleaning. You'll find our selection of plastic coffee mugs and more below, and then we'll answer a few common questions. More

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GET DC-101-T
GET DC-101-T 7.5 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, Tan

KaTom #: 284-DC101T

$94.94 / 4 Dozen
GET S-12-BR 12 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Brown

KaTom #: 284-S12BR

In Stock
$58.28 / 2 Dozen
GET TM-1308-CR
GET TM-1308-CR 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Cranberry

KaTom #: 284-TM1308CR

$101.21 / 2 Dozen
GET S-12-IV 12 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-S12IV

$58.28 / 2 Dozen
GET C-1001-W
GET C-1001-W 18 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C1001W

$54.44 / 1 Dozen
GET TM-1308-BK
GET TM-1308-BK 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Black

KaTom #: 284-TM1308BK

In Stock
$101.21 / 2 Dozen
Cambro 75CW148
Cambro 75CW148 7 1/2 oz Camwear Cup - Stacking, White

KaTom #: 144-75CW148

$22.44 / 1 Dozen
GET S-12-W
GET S-12-W 12 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, White

KaTom #: 284-S12W

$58.28 / 2 Dozen
GET C-1001-IV
GET C-1001-IV 18 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C1001IV

$54.44 / 1 Dozen
GET C-1002-IV
GET C-1002-IV 24 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C1002IV

$58.66 / 1 Dozen
GET C-1002-W
GET C-1002-W 24 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C1002W

$58.66 / 1 Dozen
GET C-1004-BK
GET C-1004-BK 3 oz Espresso Cup, Melamine, Black

KaTom #: 284-C1004BK

$91.10 / 4 Dozen
GET C-1004-IV
GET C-1004-IV 3 oz Espresso Cup, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C1004IV

$91.10 / 4 Dozen
GET C-1004-W
GET C-1004-W 3 oz Espresso Cup, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C1004W

In Stock
$91.10 / 4 Dozen
GET C-107-IV
GET C-107-IV 8 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C107IV

$64.03 / 2 Dozen
GET C-107-W
GET C-107-W 8 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C107W

In Stock
$64.03 / 2 Dozen
GET C-108-W
GET C-108-W 7 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C108W

$64.03 / 2 Dozen
GET SW-1449-CL
GET SW-1449-CL 10 oz Irish Coffee Mug, Tritan Plastic, Clear

KaTom #: 284-SW1449CL

$106.10 / 2 Dozen
GET C-112-IR
GET C-112-IR 13 oz Mug, Melamine, Ironstone

KaTom #: 284-C112IR

$103.26 / 2 Dozen
GET E-1-P 7 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-E1P

$101.11 / 4 Dozen
GET E-2-K 5.5" Round Saucer, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-E2K

$88.87 / 4 Dozen
GET E-2-P 5.5" Round Saucer, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-E2P

$76.58 / 4 Dozen
GET TM-1208-P
GET TM-1208-P 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Clear

KaTom #: 284-TM1208P

$72.45 / 2 Dozen
GET TM-1208-TB
GET TM-1208-TB 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Blue

KaTom #: 284-TM1208TB

$72.45 / 2 Dozen
GET TM-1208-U
GET TM-1208-U 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, White

KaTom #: 284-TM1208U

$72.45 / 2 Dozen
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Common Questions About Plastic Mugs

Should I get stackable mugs?

Some of KaTom's plastic mugs are designed to be easily stackable to save storage space, but can include stylistic changes in order to fit together well. Consider the look of each individual model before determining whether its aesthetic would be a drawback in your establishment. The value of stackable mugs is also dependent on how much storage space you have. If you have plenty of space, don't worry about getting specifically stackable mugs, but if your establishment is small or already crowded with equipment, stackable mugs provide an excellent spatial solution.

What size plastic coffee mug should I get?

The most common size for a coffee mug is eight ounces. Whether you want to diverge from the norm depends on a few factors. First, what are your customers looking for? If you're selling classic black coffee at a diner, a larger mug won't cost you much more to fill but will save you time with fewer refills. Second, how large do you need your mugs to be? If you serve complicated cups of craft coffee, the cup size depends on what type of drink you're serving. Smaller cups work well for cappuccinos while customers might expect a taller mug for a latte, and you'll need room for any decorations you want to include.

Do I need saucers?

KaTom offers a range of saucers to complement our plastic and melamine mug selection. Saucers provide a buffer between the coffee cups and your tabletops, preventing staining and scratches to increase the lifespan of your furniture. Saucers also offer a complementing or contrasting visual element that can improve the aesthetic of your table settings. On the other hand, providing saucers with your cups gives you one more dish that needs to be washed and stored, as well as one more item to place with every order. If you have fine, natural wood tabletops, a saucer is a sensible investment to protect them and enhance the look of your serving, but if you have sturdy laminate countertops, saucers may be unnecessary.

Are plastic and melamine the same thing?

Melamine is a type of plastic, but not all plastic is melamine. Besides melamine, one of the most common types of plastic for tableware is Styrene Acrylonitrile, or SAN. Both types of plastic are durable and safe to serve with food, however, neither should be used in a microwave as the process can cause small particles of the plastic to leak into food, which might be harmful over time. Do not microwave food in any tableware that does not specify it is microwave safe.

How should I care for melamine mugs?

Melamine coffee cups are dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. The main danger for melamine is excessive heat. Do not repeatedly expose melamine to high heat – melamine should not be used to cook in, or under heat lamps. Though melamine is durable and can last a long time, it can be damaged if handled carelessly. Never use bleach on melamine dishware, and don't leave acidic foods on the dishware for long periods of time. Avoid scrubbing with steel wool or similarly harsh pads.

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