Wheat Beer & Pilsner Glass

Designed to highlight the German pale lager, pilsner glasses show off the clarity and carbonation of these popular brews while maintaining the head on each pour. On the other hand, the wheat beer glass is designed to show off the typically cloudy complexions of weizen and hefeweizen, a result of the presence of wheat in the brewing process. A popular item in this section is the giant beer glass, which typically holds 20 to 23 ounces. More

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Anchor 80436
Anchor 80436 Bulge Top Beer Pilsner, 23 oz.

KaTom #: 075-80436

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$54.99 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 1604
Libbey 1604 16 oz Pilsner Glass

KaTom #: 634-1604

$58.92 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 526
Libbey 526 14 oz Pinnacle Beer Glass

KaTom #: 634-526

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$74.79 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 3810
Libbey 3810 10 oz Ale Glass - Safedge Rim & Foot Guarantee

KaTom #: 634-3810

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$110.89 / 3 Dozen
Libbey 1610
Libbey 1610 22.5 oz Giant Beer Glass - Safedge Rim Guarantee

KaTom #: 634-1610

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$48.64 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 1242HT
Libbey 1242HT 19.25 oz Pilsner Glass

KaTom #: 634-1242HT

$35.99 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 1629
Libbey 1629 20 oz Giant Beer Glass

KaTom #: 634-1629

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$32.11 / 1 Dozen
Anchor 165270
Anchor 165270 Empire Pilsner, Footed, 13 oz.

KaTom #: 075-165270

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$24.99 / Case of 6
Libbey 3823
Libbey 3823 14.25 oz Catalina Tall Beer Glass - Safedge Rim & Foot...

KaTom #: 634-3823

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$109.27 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 92417
Libbey 92417 14 oz Infinium Pilsner, Plastic

KaTom #: 634-92417

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$51.19 / 1 Dozen
Anchor 93011
Anchor 93011 Barbary 16 oz Beer Pilsner Glass

KaTom #: 075-93011

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$59.99 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 525
Libbey 525 12.5 oz Pinnacle Beer Glass

KaTom #: 634-525

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$74.79 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 529
Libbey 529 22 oz Pinnacle Beer Glass

KaTom #: 634-529

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$40.73 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 3804
Libbey 3804 16 oz Embassy Pilsner Glass - Safedge Rim & Foot

KaTom #: 634-3804

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$72.91 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 3812
Libbey 3812 12 oz Ale Glass - Safedge Rim & Foot Guarantee

KaTom #: 634-3812

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$114.12 / 3 Dozen
Libbey 1176HT
Libbey 1176HT 9 oz Hourglass Design Pilsner Glass - Safedge Rim

KaTom #: 634-1176HT

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$64.01 / 3 Dozen
Libbey 6425
Libbey 6425 10 oz Footed Pilsner Glass - Safedge Rim Guarantee

KaTom #: 634-6425

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$81.68 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 15
Libbey 15 7 oz Heavy Base Pilsner Glass - Safedge Rim Guarantee

KaTom #: 634-15

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$89.87 / 6 Dozen
Anchor 90243
Anchor 90243 Tulip Beer Glass, 20 oz w/ Tempered Rim

KaTom #: 075-90243

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$20.99 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 15429
Libbey 15429 14 oz DuraTuff Gibraltar Footed Pilsner Glass

KaTom #: 634-15429

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$108.65 / 2 Dozen
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Common Questions About Pilsner Glasses

How does a pilsner glass differ from an American pint glass?

The pilsner glass is skinnier and taller than the typical beer glass. This design emphasizes the pilsner beer's lighter color, as well as its carbonation and clarity. The top of the glass is also wider, which amplifies the beer's aroma while still enabling the beer to develop a nice head. The combination of these features makes for an enhanced drinking experience.

What size glasses are available?

Glasses designed for pilsners and wheat beer are available in capacities ranging from 6 to 23 ounces. The largest of these may also be called giant beer glasses, and are more than capable of holding the average American pint (16 ounces) as well as the larger British pint. Smaller glasses, like those with a 6-ounce capacity, can be used for tastings and sampling new brews.

How do I care for and maintain my glasses?

When deciding how to wash your beer glasses, first determine if the glasses are dishwasher safe. If the manufacturer recommends handwashing its glasses, you'll want to let them air dry to avoid leaving behind towel residue. If you intend to use a dishmachine, you should consider investing in a specialized glass washer that is designed to wash hundreds of glasses each hour and sits behind the bar for convenience. Operators who want to wash their barware in a regular dishmachine should ensure that they have plenty of glass racks on hand to keep those glasses safe during the washing process.

No matter which method you choose, your glasses should be washed in high-temperature water exceeding 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This practice ensures that hard-to-remove substances, such as lipstick, do not remain on the glasses after they have been washed and sanitized. Unsightly reminders of previous users can negatively impact your operation's reputation as well as your customers' experience.

What is the difference between a pilsner beer glass and a wheat beer glass?

The major difference between the two glasses is their distinct shape. Pilsner glasses are known for their elongated design and are typically taller than most beer glasses to show off the visual characteristics of the beers served in them. A wheat beer glass is usually narrow at the bottom and wider near the rim. This shape leaves space for the larger head that these types of beers often produce.

Do I need to buy glasses with a Sure-Guard or Safedge Rim and Foot guarantee?

Manufacturer warranties like a Sure-Guard or Safedge guarantee mean that these glasses should not chip or break on the rims or bottoms if they are used normally in commercial kitchens. These guarantees are offered by some manufacturers to reassure operators that their glasses will be durable. If glasses with these guarantees break or chip, operators may contact the manufacturer to discuss their eligibility for glass replacement.

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