Wheat Beer & Pilsner Glass

Designed to highlight the eponymous German pale lager, the pilsner glass shows off the clarity and carbonation of those popular brews while maintaining the head on each pour. On the other side, the wheat beer glass is designed to present weizen and heffeweizen for visual inspection, with their typically cloudy complexions that are the result of the presence of wheat in the brewing process. Despite their specific names, they and pilsner glasses are a great vessel for a large variety of brews, from American ales to IPAs, with their flared designs wafting aroma notes to the drinker to enhance the flavor. Particularly popular here is the giant beer glass, which typically holds 20-23 ounces and is available in designs similar to both the wheat beer and pilsner glass.

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Libbey 1604
Libbey 1604 16-oz Pilsner Glass

KaTom #: 634-1604

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$53.02 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 1242HT
Libbey 1242HT 19.25-oz Pilsner Glass

KaTom #: 634-1242HT

$31.79 / Dozen
Libbey 1692
Libbey 1692 23-oz Tall Beer Pilsner - Heavy Sham

KaTom #: 634-1692

$35.45 / Dozen
Anchor 80436
Anchor 80436 Bulge Top Beer Pilsner, 23 oz.

KaTom #: 075-80436

$61.36 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 1689
Libbey 1689 14-oz Altitude Tall Beer Glass

KaTom #: 634-1689

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$64.66 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 1691
Libbey 1691 20-oz Tall Beer Pilsner - Heavy Sham

KaTom #: 634-1691

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$35.45 / Dozen
Anchor 165270
Anchor 165270 Empire Pilsner, Footed, 13 oz.

KaTom #: 075-165270

$26.17 / Case of 6
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