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Crafting a proper cake requires a proper cake pan. KaTom carries a large selection of pie pans, cake molds, springform pans, bundt cake pans, and more to ensure your kitchen can produce perfectly shaped desserts. Whether you're looking for a springform pan to preserve a pristine crust or a bundt pan to shape your desserts, you'll find the right tools here. We'll go over KaTom's variety of pans below and then answer some common questions. More

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American Metalcraft 475
American Metalcraft 475 4.38" Round Mini Pie Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-475

In Stock
$2.99 / Each
Focus 977159
Focus 977159 Pie Pan, Round, 9" Dia., Aluminized Steel

KaTom #: 268-977159

In Stock
$2.55 / Each
Browne 575329
Browne 575329 Pie Plate, 9" Diameter, 1 1/4"Deep, Aluminum

KaTom #: 158-575329

In Stock
$2.15 / Each
Winco APPL-9
Winco APPL-9 9" Round Pie Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APPL9

In Stock
$2.50 / Each
Winco ACP-082
Winco ACP-082 Aluminum Layer Cake Pan, 8 x 2"

KaTom #: 080-ACP082

In Stock
$2.83 / Each
American Metalcraft 1300
American Metalcraft 1300 13.12" Standard Pie Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-1300

In Stock
$5.14 / Each
American Metalcraft 3806
American Metalcraft 3806 6" Round Cake Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-3806

In Stock
$5.66 / Each
Winco APPL-10
Winco APPL-10 10" Round Pie Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APPL10

In Stock
$2.67 / Each
Winco SPM-21R
Winco SPM-21R Round Pastry Mold - 2" x 1.75", Stainless

KaTom #: 080-SPM21R

In Stock
$3.21 / Each
Update ABP-1826
Update ABP-1826 Bake Pan - 18x26x2 1/4" Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-ABP1826

In Stock
$29.61 / Each
Winco ACP-102
Winco ACP-102 Layer Cake Pan, 10 x 2", Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-ACP102

In Stock
$4.35 / Each
American Metalcraft 3810
American Metalcraft 3810 10" Round Cake Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-3810

$9.07 / Each
American Metalcraft 1187SS
American Metalcraft 1187SS 10 1/8" Pie Pan - 18/8 ga Stainless

KaTom #: 166-1187SS

In Stock
$11.97 / Each
Winco ACP-092
Winco ACP-092 Aluminum Layer Cake Pan, 9 x 2"

KaTom #: 080-ACP092

In Stock
$3.39 / Each
American Metalcraft 3808
American Metalcraft 3808 8" Round Cake Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-3808

In Stock
$7.17 / Each
Browne 746063
Browne 746063 Spring Form Cake Pan, 9 1/2 x 3 3/4 in, Tin

KaTom #: 158-746063

In Stock
$8.16 / Each
American Metalcraft SR6083
American Metalcraft SR6083 8" Cake Ring, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-SR6083

$7.69 / Each
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Common Questions About Cake & Pie Pans

What is a springform pan?

A springform's sides can be removed without moving the baked good or the bottom of the pan. This design is especially useful for deep pans in which the crust is likely to break when being removed. Springform – often spelled spring form – pans also work quite well with deep-dish pizzas. Tall dishes have a tendency to break as they are removed because the operator has no way to reach the bottom of the dish to extract it carefully. If you can instead remove the sides after cooking, no force is exerted upon the delicate crust, which is especially important if you're using something like a graham cracker crust that is prone to breaking. Springforms attach via a clasp at either end, pulling the circular pan tight before you put the cake inside. Once cooked, undo the clasp and the band will loosen, enabling you to lift the springform away and leave the cake or pie pristine.

What is a bundt cake pan?

A bundt pan shapes batter into a specific design that becomes a traditional bundt cake when removed from the pan. Bundt cakes have a light crust and a hollow space in the middle, like a donut. After being shaped in a bundt cake pan, these cakes present an intriguing shape perfect for decorations and new interpretations of old recipes. KaTom also offers several similar cake molds for other traditional cake styles, such as Sand Torte, angel food cake, or pound cake. The design at the bottom of the pan – which will be at the top of the cake ¬– determines the type of cake pan.

What are pastry molds?

Pastry molds are shaped baking pans that help chefs shape dough to match a specific pastry design. A patisserie needs a variety of molds to help shape pastries into the rare treats their customers expect. Molds enable the chef to stack several pastry layers without the tower falling over in the oven. Adding elevation to your plating creates eye-catching differentiations that make your dishes memorable. Molds also give chefs crisp edges on their dishes, preventing a sloppy, leaning mess. Decide which pastries or cakes you hope to serve and find the pastry or cake mold that matches.

Why would I need a cake or pie pan with a removable bottom?

A cake or pie pan with a removable bottom functions similarly to a springform cooking pan. A removable-bottom pan has a separate section comprising the bottom that can be lifted out the top of the pan. Like a springform pan, this type is designed to preserve the crust or sides of whatever you're baking, sparing the damage from being pried out of a tin. Dishes that cannot be turned upside down and freed from their cooking pan are especially suited to removable-bottom pans. Pushing up from the bottom will free your cake from the dish smoothly. This design enables you to decorate the top while the dish is still cooking, widening your options.

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