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A tasteful metal bowl brings a complementary element to your existing dinnerware aesthetic. Large metal bowls make great mixing bowls, too. Whatever your culinary needs, KaTom has a stainless steel bowl to meet them. These bowls vary greatly in their construction, shape, and finish, and are both durable and attractive. Since metallic bowls can fit a variety of purposes, many foodservice professionals prefer them for their look, weight, and functionality. We'll go over KaTom's selection of bowls below and then answer some common questions. More

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American Metalcraft BD35
American Metalcraft BD35 10 oz Round Balti Dish, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-BD35

In Stock
$3.10 / Each
American Metalcraft BD65
American Metalcraft BD65 32 oz Round Balti Dish, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-BD65

In Stock
$3.88 / Each
American Metalcraft BD55
American Metalcraft BD55 18 oz Round Balti Dish, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-BD55

In Stock
$3.40 / Each
Vollrath 99636
Vollrath 99636 10 oz Stainless Bowl

KaTom #: 175-99636

In Stock
$116.40 / 1 Dozen
American Metalcraft BD45
American Metalcraft BD45 16 oz Round Balti Dish, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-BD45

In Stock
$3.20 / Each
Tablecraft CW4024W
Tablecraft CW4024W 5" Square Bowl w/ 32 oz Capacity, White

KaTom #: 229-CW4024W

In Stock
$38.31 / Each
American Metalcraft SMB25
American Metalcraft SMB25 25 oz Mod Bowl - Organic Shape, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-SMB25

In Stock
$16.88 / Each
Winco DWAB-L
Winco DWAB-L Large Angled Bowl w/ Double-Wall Insulation, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-DWABL

In Stock
$13.30 / Each
Vollrath 47677
Vollrath 47677 8.4 qt Square Plain Insulated Bowl - Mirror-Finish Stai...

KaTom #: 175-47677

In Stock
$165.14 / Pack of 3
American Metalcraft MART1
American Metalcraft MART1 5.37" Martini Glass Server, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-MART1

In Stock
$7.68 / Each
Carlisle 609211
Carlisle 609211 10" Square Serving Bowl w/ 3.5 qt Capacity, Stainless

KaTom #: 028-609211

$42.13 / Each
Vollrath 4763555
Vollrath 4763555 5.2 qt Square Insulated Bowl - Stainless, Fire Engine...

KaTom #: 175-4763555

In Stock
$207.83 / Pack of 4
Vollrath 4763565
Vollrath 4763565 5.2 qt Square Insulated Bowl - Stainless, Passion Pur...

KaTom #: 175-4763565

In Stock
$207.83 / Pack of 4
Vollrath 47637
Vollrath 47637 8.2 qt Square Beehive Insulated Bowl - Mirror-Finish St...

KaTom #: 175-47637

In Stock
$165.14 / Pack of 3
Vollrath 4763735
Vollrath 4763735 8.2 qt Square Insulated Bowl - Stainless, Green Apple

KaTom #: 175-4763735

In Stock
$200.83 / Pack of 3
Vollrath 4763755
Vollrath 4763755 8.2 qt Square Insulated Bowl - Stainless, Fire Engine...

KaTom #: 175-4763755

In Stock
$200.83 / Pack of 3
Vollrath 4763765
Vollrath 4763765 8.2 qt Square Insulated Bowl - Stainless, Passion Pur...

KaTom #: 175-4763765

In Stock
$200.83 / Pack of 3
Vollrath 46592
Vollrath 46592 6.9 qt Round Beehive Insulated Bowl - 18 ga Stainless

KaTom #: 175-46592

In Stock
$150.54 / Pack of 3
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Common Questions About Metal Bowls

Which decorative bowl should I get?

KaTom offers hundreds of decorative metal bowls, so sifting through our catalog can be daunting. To find the right piece for your establishment, you should first determine the bowl's purpose. What will you be serving in your bowls most often? We carry tall metal cups that are designed to serve french fries and deep insulated bowls that would work best for hot soups or cold salads. These bowls come in a rainbow of colors, so consider your own color palette and which dishes will match or complement it. You'll also have to choose a size that matches the food you intend to serve. Finally, whatever bowl you pick should have a texture that fits your aesthetic. Ridges, hammered finishes, and brushed finishes are popular for decorative metal bowls, but only you can know which one will fit in on your tables.

Do I need an insulated metal bowl?

Because they have special materials or a construction that works to maintain the temperature of the food they're holding, insulated metal bowls are more expensive than non-insulated bowls. However, if you plan on serving foods that need to be eaten at a precise temperature, insulated bowls will give you the needed control. Insulated bowls won't keep your food warm or chilled indefinitely, but they slow down the process of heat transfer. Keep in mind, though, that if you typically serve your soups at a high temperature in expectation of them cooling before your customers begin to eat, insulation will keep that food inedibly hot even after it reaches the table. Each type of insulated bowl will keep food warm or cold for differing amounts of time, so be sure to test your new bowls with popular menu items before using them to serve customers.

Why does my stainless steel bowl need handles?

Handles are most common on large metal bowls intended for mixing. When operators are mixing ingredients, they need a solid grip to shake the contents or transfer them from one place to another. The fast pace of a restaurant kitchen means bumps and rushed movements are unavoidable, but buying bowls with handles can prevent unnecessary spillage.

Some serving bowls also come with handles. Bowls that are intended to carry large amounts of food, such as soup bowls that serve a whole table of guests, need handles to be manageable. Liquids are generally quite heavy, so if you plan on serving large quantities of soup, gravy, or anything else in a bowl, consider buying one with handles to make serving that much easier.

What does gauge mean for stainless steel?

Gauge is a measurement of the thickness of metals, including stainless steel. Gauge measurements can be a bit counterintuitive, though, because smaller gauges mean thicker products. A sixteen-gauge stainless steel bowl is thicker, heavier, and usually more expensive than an eighteen-gauge bowl. Wires, needles, and other metal products are also measured this way. For stainless steel, the important thing to remember is that a smaller number means thicker steel.

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