Melamine & Plastic Coffee Mugs

For high-volume operations such as diners or hospitality businesses, plastic coffee mugs are a more durable service option than porcelain or glass. Melamine coffee mugs are available in different colors – from traditional white to festive shades such as red or blue – and range in capacity from standard 8-ounce cups to 24-ounce designs. These plastic coffee cups can also be paired with matching plastic saucers. More

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GET DC-101-T
GET DC-101-T 7.5 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, Tan

KaTom #: 284-DC101T

$94.94 / 4 Dozen
GET S-12-BR 12 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Brown

KaTom #: 284-S12BR

In Stock
$58.28 / 2 Dozen
GET TM-1308-CR
GET TM-1308-CR 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Cranberry

KaTom #: 284-TM1308CR

$101.21 / 2 Dozen
GET S-12-IV 12 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-S12IV

$58.28 / 2 Dozen
Carlisle 4306609
Carlisle 4306609 8 oz Plastic Mug, Green

KaTom #: 028-4306609

$46.09 / Case of 12
Carlisle 4306614
Carlisle 4306614 8 oz Plastic Mug, Blue

KaTom #: 028-4306614

$46.09 / Case of 12
GET C-1001-W
GET C-1001-W 18 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C1001W

$54.44 / 1 Dozen
GET TM-1308-BK
GET TM-1308-BK 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Black

KaTom #: 284-TM1308BK

In Stock
$101.21 / 2 Dozen
GET S-12-W
GET S-12-W 12 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, White

KaTom #: 284-S12W

$58.28 / 2 Dozen
Carlisle 4306802
Carlisle 4306802 12 oz Nestable Mug - White

KaTom #: 028-4306802

In Stock
$49.99 / Case of 12
GET C-1001-IV
GET C-1001-IV 18 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C1001IV

$54.44 / 1 Dozen
GET C-1002-IV
GET C-1002-IV 24 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C1002IV

$58.66 / 1 Dozen
GET C-1002-W
GET C-1002-W 24 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C1002W

$58.66 / 1 Dozen
GET C-1004-BK
GET C-1004-BK 3 oz Espresso Cup, Melamine, Black

KaTom #: 284-C1004BK

$91.10 / 4 Dozen
GET C-1004-IV
GET C-1004-IV 3 oz Espresso Cup, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C1004IV

$91.10 / 4 Dozen
GET C-1004-W
GET C-1004-W 3 oz Espresso Cup, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C1004W

In Stock
$91.10 / 4 Dozen
GET C-107-IV
GET C-107-IV 8 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-C107IV

$64.03 / 2 Dozen
GET C-107-W
GET C-107-W 8 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C107W

In Stock
$64.03 / 2 Dozen
GET C-108-W
GET C-108-W 7 oz Coffee Cup, Melamine, White

KaTom #: 284-C108W

$64.03 / 2 Dozen
GET C-112-IR
GET C-112-IR 13 oz Mug, Melamine, Ironstone

KaTom #: 284-C112IR

$103.26 / 2 Dozen
Carlisle 800401
Carlisle 800401 8 oz Diablo Coffee Mug - Brown/White

KaTom #: 028-800401

$193.25 / Pack of 36
Carlisle 800402
Carlisle 800402 8 oz Diablo Coffee Mug - White

KaTom #: 028-800402

In Stock
$59.76 / 1 Dozen
GET E-1-P 7 oz Coffee Mug, Melamine, Ivory

KaTom #: 284-E1P

$101.11 / 4 Dozen
GET TM-1208-P
GET TM-1208-P 8 oz Coffee Mug, Plastic, Clear

KaTom #: 284-TM1208P

$72.45 / 2 Dozen
Carlisle 810401
Carlisle 810401 8 oz Coffee Mug - Polypropylene, Brown

KaTom #: 028-8104BR

In Stock
$48.31 / 1 Dozen
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Common Questions About Plastic Coffee Mugs

Why should I use melamine coffee mugs?

Melamine is a great choice for restaurants because of its physical and visual properties. Since it is an insulator, melamine can help keep your guests' hot drinks at proper temperatures. Besides keeping your drinks warm, they are also available in a variety of different colors, so you can be sure to find a product that fits your restaurant's needs. Being dishwasher safe is just one more added benefit of melamine coffee mugs.

What temperatures are plastics mugs graded for?

Many mugs in KaTom's selection of glasses are graded for temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is some variation between manufacturers. Paying attention to the maximum temperature your mug is graded for is extremely important to ensure your mug does not take on any damage from excess temperatures. Before purchasing, be sure to look into the product description of your desired mug to find the maximum temperature for that particular product.

What is Tritan plastic?

Some plastic coffee mugs use Tritan, a type of plastic that is not manufactured with bisphenol A or other bisphenol compounds such as bisphenol S. BPA-free Tritan plastic mugs are also much lighter than glass mugs while still being impact resistant to offer durability. Finally, Tritan mugs are dishwasher safe and help speed up the cleaning process.

What sizes and designs are plastic mugs available in?

Melamine and plastic coffee mugs come in a variety of capacities, ranging from 3 to 24 ounces. This large range is important because drinks such as espresso are meant to be served in a small cup. Other guests may prefer a larger cup of coffee, so it would be wise to keep several different sizes on hand.

Melamine and plastic mugs come with a variety of handle sizes; some fit only one or two fingers, while others provide room for a whole hand. One of the larger handles offered is the Carlisle Easy Grip Handle. This handle is large enough that users can hold the mug without their fingers or hand coming into contact with its hot outer shell.

Plastic mugs are typically sold with a rim measuring 3.25 inches diameter, but some may be smaller or larger. Read the product description of your desired product to find out what the diameter of your mug is. The amount of storage space or dishwasher space you have can play a role in deciding which size mug size you should choose.

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