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For some recipes, measurements such as “a pinch of salt” or "to taste" may suffice, but for others, the ingredients must be exact. This is especially important in the food service industry, where repeating the same dish to exact standards is expected. To ensure your dishes turn out right every time, you'll need a set of quality measuring spoons or cups. More

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Update MEA50PC
Update MEA50PC 1 Pint Measuring Cup - Polycarbonate

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Cambro 25MCCW135
Cambro 25MCCW135 1 cup Camwear Measuring Cup - Clear

KaTom #: 144-25MCCW135

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Winco MCP-4P
Winco MCP-4P 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-MCP4P

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Cambro 100MCCW135
Cambro 100MCCW135 1 qt Camwear Measuring Cup - Clear

KaTom #: 144-100MCCW135

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Cambro 400MCCW135
Cambro 400MCCW135 4 qt Camwear Measuring Cup - Clear

KaTom #: 144-400MCCW135

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Common Questions About Measuring Cups and Spoons

What's the difference between dry and wet measuring?

Manufacturers make two types of measuring instruments: one for dry ingredients and one for liquids. The difference comes in the actual place of measurement – dry measuring cups use the whole container to reach the measurement point (one ounce, half a cup, etc.), while wet measuring instruments have the measurement point lower than the lip of the vessel, enabling you to move the cup without spilling the contents. Dry measuring cups can be filled over the brim and then have the excess brushed back into storage, providing you with an exact measurement that will not slosh over the edge. This means your kitchen needs at least one set for dry products and one for wet products.

What materials are measuring cups made from?

KaTom offers measuring spoons and cups made from a wide range of materials. Aluminum, plastics, glass, and stainless steel are the most popular choices, and glass and clear plastics are most often used for wet measurement, as you can see through the material and check that the liquid is even with the line. Stainless steel measuring cups are great dry measurement pieces because of their strength and durability. Aluminum is another tough option that is a lighter weight than stainless steel.

Why are some measuring spoons triangular?

The triangular shape of specific measuring spoons helps users scrape the corners of a container. These tools are designed to get as much of your dry ingredient from the bottom of a stiff storage container as possible, saving product and time.

What is a transfer vessel?

A transfer vessel is a measuring spoon optimized for quickly moving products between places. For example, moving an ounce of sugar from storage to the bowl you're mixing in. A rounded handle and spouted bowl ease scooping, moving, and pouring product without being quite as delicate as with normal measuring spoons.

How many sets of measuring cups do I need?

A busy restaurant may require several sets of measuring cups and spoons. You'll need both dry and wet versions, as well as extras depending on how many chefs will be cooking at any given time. The more you have available, the less you'll have to wash in between dishes; however, you will also have less storage space.

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