Whether you’re handling hot foods in the kitchen or serving salads to customers, a sturdy pair of kitchen or serving tongs is an essential utensil. Designed to handle food without touching it or for picking up delicate or hot foods, we offer a wide selection that can be used for self-serve salad bars, cooking hot foods, serving cold foods and baked goods, flipping meats, removing foods from boiling water and much more. We offer single piece pom or spring loaded types or specialty items like spaghetti and non-stick tongs. Made of plastic, aluminum or stainless steel, with flat, scalloped, or toothed edges, and available in various lengths, we have the tools to fit your cooking and serving needs.

Catering and Serving Tong

A must-have tool for catering, buffets, cafeterias and more, catering and serving tongs can be one piece pom style or spring loaded types. Great for serving hot...

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Coated Handle Tong

Keep your hands safe from burns and foods from getting mixed up with coated handle tongs. These utensils come in a variety of color-coded options to keep cross...

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Poms & Utility Tongs

Economical and efficient, pom tongs are made from a single piece of metal and are great for jobs such as serving small items on a salad bar, while utility tongs...

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Flat Grip and Salad Tong

Made for handling large or delicate foods that may fall apart or bulk foods such as salads, flat grip and salad tongs are an essential tool for cooking or servi...

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Non-Stick Tong

Great for cooking or transferring foods from cooking pans to serving plates, non-stick tongs have heat resistant silicone coated tips that keep food from adheri...

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