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An ice cream cone transforms a tasty snack into something exciting and memorable, markedly different from spooning some into a bowl at home. For any operator planning on serving ice cream, cones are a necessity— and where there are ice cream cones, there must be an ice cream cone holder. In order to keep your cones sanitary and present them in an appealing manner, you will need an ice cream cone dispenser or stand. KaTom's selection is available below, along with the answers to some common questions. More

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Common Questions About Ice Cream Cone Holders

Why do I need an ice cream cone dispenser?

No customer wants to see their ice cream cone sitting on the countertop. Stands and dispensers give operators a way to display cones in a marketable manner, driving sales while keeping your cones sanitary. A cone dispenser will also aid operators in keeping business moving quickly, saving time that staff would otherwise spend pulling cones from a box for every customer.

Which dispensers fit which cones?

Each model lists the size and style of cone supported, and several are modular, which enables the operator to change the size depending on the desired cone. When deciding on a model, consider whether you will be using waffle cones or flat bottom cake cones or if you need a dispenser that can handle both. Compare prices to see if a larger dispenser that meets your needs might be more economical than multiple single dispensers.

Where can I mount an ice cream cone holder?

Many units simply sit on the countertop, which makes rearranging or refilling the cones quick and easy. You can also choose a wall-mounted gravity dispenser, which dispenses another cone as soon as you've taken the first to increase your service speed. Mounting a dispenser on the wall or on the side of your ice cream machine saves space and provides convenient access for establishments with limited room.

How can I display my ice cream cones?

An aesthetically enticing display can drive up sales. Cone stands, which come in a variety of designs and sizes, will showcase your options as both a menu and a merchandiser. Still, you need to be certain that your goods aren't exposed to pests or bacteria. Consider clear plastic or glass stands or displays to show customers their choices.

What are ice cream cone holders made of?

Most cone holders and displays are made of plastic, but you can choose between opaque or clear plastics. Clear plastic dispensers show the operator how many cones remain and when they will need to be replenished, but an opaque model may fit better with your aesthetic. Stainless steel is an uncommon option, but can fit well with a stainless steel ice cream maker or other stainless steel equipment. Choose the option that best suits your needs and matches your style.

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