Hurricane Glass

Hurricane glasses originated in New Orleans and were initially used to serve hurricanes, a cocktail of rum and fruit juice. Typically tall and curved, these glasses present an aesthetically intriguing shape to complement the brightly colored drinks served inside them. Flared rims give cocktail makers plenty of room to craft engaging garnishes, as well. We'll help you sort through the different types of glass below and answer some common questions. More

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Commonly Asked Questions About Hurricane Glassware

What are hurricane glasses?

Sometimes referred to as cyclone glasses, this style of glassware is designed to complement bright mixed drinks and accommodate elaborate garnishes. They are named after the hurricane cocktail and can be used to serve everything from piña coladas to Singapore slings because they have a flared rim for garnishes and give mixers room for plenty of ice to keep the drink cold. Their curvy shape fits well into guests' hands while their broad base keeps the drink stable.

How is a cyclone glass different from a hurricane glass?

A cyclone cocktail is made with vodka instead of rum, along with some other varied changes depending on where it is made. A cyclone glass is usually slightly smaller than a hurricane glass and is used for more concentrated cocktails or for serving smaller portions. Both glasses are generally curved with flared lips and wide bases that are suitable for holding up garnishes, so sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.

What is a Poco Grande glass?

The Poco Grande glass shares the fluted shape of the hurricane and cyclone glass but is usually the smallest of the three. All three glasses are used for similar drinks and can support interesting garnishes. KaTom lists the fluid capacity of each glass, so you can compare them to your needs.

Why is the shape of the glass important?

The unique shape of hurricane glassware tells your guests that their order is no ordinary drink. Its decorative stem provides elevation and contrast to the fullness of the glass, while the curved glass itself feels unique in the guest's hand. This glass indicates that you have an exotic drink in your hand, which fits the fruity, exciting cocktails typically served inside.

Hurricane glassware also serves practical purposes. A thinner glass or a glass without the sturdy base would be top-heavy under any significant garnish. Tropical cocktails – such as the hurricane and the piña colada – are frequently garnished with fruit wedges that would destabilize ordinary glasses. Whichever style of glass you choose, make sure it can support the garnishes you want to use and will show your guests that what you're serving is far from ordinary.

How many hurricane glasses do I need?

Hurricane and cyclone glasses cannot be stacked because of their unique shape, so they take up more storage room than stackable glasses. On the other hand, their interesting design makes them suitable as decoration when they're not in use. It comes down to how often you think you'll be using a hurricane glass and how much storage space you have available. KaTom sells these glasses in multiples of twelve.

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