Hotel Room Appliances

Hotel room appliances like refrigerators, irons, hair dryers, and alarm clocks can give guests more independence during their stay.

Hotel Refrigerator

Hotel refrigerators are usually compact, undercounter models that can be easily added to rooms without requiring much space.

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Hotel Freezer

Hotel freezers can be added to your rooms to keep frozen refreshments available and easily accessible.

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Hotel Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks are a standard hotel room staple that guests expect. Find a number of hotel alarm clock options here, with features like AUX jacks and USB ports.

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Hotel Room Coffee Makers

Offer guests a hotel room coffee maker to ensure they're able to enjoy a cup of joe any time they want.

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Hotel Hair Dryers & Scales

Having a hair dryer available in hotel rooms is considered a common courtesy. These hair dryers range in size and include models that fold or mount on the wall.

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Hotel Irons

Irons with features like adjustable steam, retractable cords, and auto shut-off are ideal for hotel rooms. Wall-mounted iron organizers are also available.

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Hotel Blenders & Can Openers

Give guests more meal flexibility by including hotel room blenders to rooms with kitchen amenities.

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Hotel Room Toasters

Hotel room toasters are basic units capable of toasting between 2 and 4 slices of bread at a time. These can also toast bagels.

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