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If you own firearms, you should have a gun safe to secure them. These can protect your valuable investments from theft, fire, or damage. They also keep them inaccessible to those who should not handle them. We have several models and many sizes available, including units that can also keep items like ammunition and documents safe. More

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Before purchasing one of these, know what types of firearms and how many of them will be kept in your gun safe. These factors will determine both the rifle capacity and the interior dimensions you require of the unit. These dimensions are given in overall interior space in cubic feet and in width, depth, and height in inches. Make sure you know the dimensions of your firearms, as some of the smaller safes may not be able to accommodate them. After you find a model with interior dimensions that fit your needs, make sure that its exterior dimensions will allow it to fit where you plan on putting it.

Lock Type

These safes are available with either an electronic or combination lock.

  • A combination lock has a large dial that you turn to enter the combination. They give you a classic style and never require a battery change. Because many people want an authentic look and the reliability of mechanical action, this type of lock has remained popular, despite the advancement of electronic locks.
  • Electronic locks appeared in this equipment a few decades ago and have been growing in popularity. Many include a combination or key lock that allows access in the event the electronic system fails. On these, you can change the combination when you feel it is necessary without having to call a locksmith.

A Word of Caution

Having this equipment a big part of responsible firearm ownership. Not only do they protect these valuable items from burglars, perhaps their more important function is to keep firearms away from those who should not have access to them. Every year, there are a large number of incidents that take children's lives because they were able to access weapons.

Additionally, you should be aware that the number of children accidentally locking themselves or others in gun safes has been growing. If you plan on purchasing one of these, be sure not to leave it open if small children are present. Besides explaining to them the proper use of firearms, also explain to them that these safes are not for playing.

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