Grill & Oven Thermometer

Experienced cooks know not to always trust their equipment's controls to maintain precise cooking temperatures, especially when they're dealing with equipment that's prone to hot spots. That's where an oven thermometer or a grill thermometer comes in handy. Comparing a thermometer in the cooking compartment to the equipment's settings can teach you a lot about your equipment's quirks, helping achieve more consistent results and helping you decide if the controls need to be calibrated by a professional.

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Update THGT-20
Update THGT-20 2" Grill Top Thermometer

KaTom #: 370-THGT20

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$2.82 / Each
Update THOV-20
Update THOV-20 2" Dial Oven Thermometer

KaTom #: 370-THOV20

In Stock
$2.31 / Each
Update THOV-30
Update THOV-30 3" Dial Oven Thermometer

KaTom #: 370-THOV30

In Stock
$3.05 / Each
Rubbermaid FGTHO550
Rubbermaid FGTHO550 Oven Thermometer - Dial Type with Stand, 60 to 5...

KaTom #: 007-FGTHO550

In Stock
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$7.00 / Each
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