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Whether it's casters to make your fryer easier to relocate or a cover to protect your oil overnight, Frymaster fryer parts are essential to the longevity and ease-of-use of your fryer. Stock up on baskets so you'll have the tools you need to handle your customers' favorite fried foods, and invest in specialty Frymaster parts like fish plates, basket supports, and fryer screens to be sure you're well-stocked with essential fryer accessories to handle all your menu items. More

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Frymaster PSDU50
Frymaster PSDU50 50 lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 006-PSDU50

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$879.00 / Each
Frymaster 803-0002
Frymaster 803-0002 (80) 1 oz Pack Fryer Powder

KaTom #: 006-8030002

$55.90 / Pack of 80
Frymaster 8030278
Frymaster 8030278 L-Shaped Teflon Brush

KaTom #: 006-8030278

$46.00 / Each
Frymaster 803-0197
Frymaster 803-0197 Fryer's Friend, Clean Out Rod

KaTom #: 006-8030197

$48.00 / Each
Frymaster 823-3696
Frymaster 823-3696 Sediment Scoop

KaTom #: 006-8233696

$29.70 / Each
Frymaster PF50
Frymaster PF50 50 lb Commercial Fryer Filter - Suction, 120v

KaTom #: 006-PF50R

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$2,147.00 / Each
Frymaster 823-6290
Frymaster 823-6290 Pasta Bulk Basket for 8SMS & 8C

KaTom #: 006-8236290

$202.00 / Each
Frymaster PF95LP
Frymaster PF95LP 80 lb Commercial Fryer Filter - Gravity, 120v

KaTom #: 006-PF95LP

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$2,653.00 / Each
Frymaster CASTERS
Frymaster CASTERS Casters for Fryers

KaTom #: 006-CASTERS

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$152.50 / Set of 4
Frymaster 803-0289
Frymaster 803-0289 Rectangular Fryer Filter Paper, Flat Sheet

KaTom #: 006-8030289

$120.90 / Pack of 100
Frymaster PSDU100
Frymaster PSDU100 100 lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 006-PSDU100

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$1,099.00 / Each
Frymaster 803-0138
Frymaster 803-0138 Full Pot Fryer Screen, 17.5x18.5"

KaTom #: 006-8030138

$79.00 / Each
Frymaster 803-0172
Frymaster 803-0172 Rectangular Fryer Filter Paper, Flat Sheet

KaTom #: 006-8030172

$151.53 / Pack of 100
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Keeping your fryer oil clean is a critical step towards offering the best-tasting fried foods. Not only does clean oil produce better-tasting treats, it also lasts longer, helping reduce some of the costs of along with operating a fryer. A Frymaster filter machine is compact and portable, and one can be used to filter all of your fryers' oil. To have a fully-functional filter system, you'll also need Frymaster filter paper and filter powder, which are the disposables that do the work of removing food particles and impurities from the oil. It's also good practice to keep a cleanout rod handy to clear your fryer of stubborn sediment after you've drained the oil.

It pays to have a few essential Frymaster parts to go along with your fryer. These include baskets, available in half-size and full-size to match your fryer, and your intended use. Other important odds and ends include gas connector hoses, flue deflectors, and connecting strips to help ensure your fryer is installed for maximum productivity and safety. Basket hangers can help simplify your workflow for queuing up batches and hanging finished food to drain and cool.

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