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In a fast-paced restaurant, efficiency in every aspect of the serving process is essential. If you offer a varied menu, valuable time can be lost searching for the right cut of meat or the exact piece of fish, especially if they're all stacked together in a big refrigerator. Organization saves time, and in the restaurant business, time is money. Designers created these fish file refrigerators to meet the specific needs of a busy restaurant kitchen. Made of stainless steel with self-closing drawers and digital thermometers, these filing refrigerators preserve the taste and texture of fish and poultry while keeping food at safe storage temperatures. If your establishment uses large quantities and varieties of fish and poultry, a dedicated refrigerator can be helpful. We'll go over KaTom's selection below and then answer some common questions. More

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Delfield GARFF1P-D
Delfield GARFF1P-D 27.4" Poultry & Fish File Refrigerator w/ (1) S...

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Traulsen RFS126N-1
Traulsen RFS126N-1 28" Poultry & Fish File Refrigerator w/ (1) Sec...

KaTom #: 206-RFS126N1115

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Traulsen RFS226N-1
Traulsen RFS226N-1 52" Poultry & Fish File Refrigerator w/ (2) Sec...

KaTom #: 206-RFS226N1115

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Randell FX-3SS-290
Randell FX-3SS-290 43.3" Poultry & Fish File Refrigerator w/ (1) S...

KaTom #: 238-FX3SS

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Common Questions About Fish Files

Why would I need a fish file refrigerator?

A dedicated refrigerator for fish and poultry gives operators more control over the status and organization of their goods than an all-purpose unit. These refrigerators also provide safe cooling temperatures while retaining enough moisture to keep fish and poultry from drying out and losing freshness. Establishments that utilize several varieties of fish on a given night, such as a sushi restaurant, can make good use of a specialized refrigerator, as the improved organization of such a fridge increases serving efficiency and decreases food waste. Rather than constantly racing to the back of the kitchen to sort through an assortment of goods in a walk-in refrigerator, a conscientious operator can pre-stock the file fridge with the most popular varieties and have them waiting – fresh and ready – for use.

How should proteins be stored in these refrigerators?

Operators should first put down a layer of ice, and then place the first layer of protein (fish or poultry) onto the ice. Repeat the process until the drawer is full, and then fill the next drawer in the same way. To avoid cross-contamination, fish and poultry should never be stored in the same compartment. These refrigerators use weep holes to drain the slowly melting ice from the drawers because fish and poultry should never rest in water, so ensure your product does not cover up the weep holes.

Can these be used as a poultry file?

These refrigerators can be used to store poultry in addition to – or in place of – fish, using the same storage options listed above. It is each operator's responsibility to keep their specific products at a safe temperature, which could differ for various proteins. Many refrigerators, including these file refrigerators, include thermometers that enable operators to double check the internal temperature is appropriate for storing food.

How should I maintain these file refrigerators?

Consult the individual product specification sheets to determine the exact cleaning methods needed for your refrigerator. In general, operators should clean the file refrigerator after every use, and food should not be stored in the unit overnight because the file fridge is intended to facilitate preparing a variety of meals, not store fish and poultry long-term. So, manufacturers recommend emptying and cleaning the file fridge every night after use to cut down on lingering odors and ensure the drains do not get blocked.

What other features can I get with a fish file?

Because this specific refrigerator is intended to provide quick and convenient protein access, many operators want an effortless way to move and position the machine. Casters are one of the most popular features for a fish file, because if the establishment won't be needing the file every night, casters make it easy to move to storage and free up floor space.

Operators can also choose between single- and double-columned units, depending on their easy-access storage requirements and available floor space.

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