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Excellence Industries, based in Tampa, Florida, has been producing quality commercial refrigeration products for over 50 years. From simple refrigerators to complex custom display freezers, Excellence Industries has experience with providing the refrigeration necessary to keep foodservice businesses running. If you need a custom refrigeration solution, the company can handle everything from construction to custom graphics. More

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Excellence freezers are available in both reach-in display configurations as well as a drop-in storage freezer meant for storing items in bulk. Excellence Industries ice cream freezers are available in a wide range of sizes, from small mobile units on casters to large dipping cabinets with glass tops so customers can see what you have to offer. Gelato dipping cabinets made to hold pans instead of tubs of ice cream are also available.

Excellence Industries freezers boast LED lighting, and many of them have lit signage areas to help you advertise your products. Flat-top chest display merchandisers can work as self-serve dipping cabinets in a buffet lineup or can hold pre-packaged ice cream products as an impulse buy item at checkout. With the wide range of display refrigeration options from Excellence Industries, you're sure to find what you need for your business here.

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