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When Roy Carpenter and Jack Hoon established Diversified Ceramics in 1976, their catalog offered two coffee mugs available in three colors. Today, the Diversified Ceramics dinnerware catalog includes hundreds of items available in dozens of colors, from classic white and cream coffee mugs and ramekins to skillet servers, baking dishes, and other serving pieces available in black, brown, and bright shades of green and blue. You will also find specialty serveware designed specifically for certain dishes, such as escargot plates, onion soup bowls, Welsh rarebit and au gratin dishes, and molcajete bowls. Diversified Ceramics is still family-owned and -operated, with second- and third-generation members of the Carpenter and Hoon families overseeing the company's American manufacturing and dedication to high-quality products at its headquarters in Alvin, Texas. More

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Common Questions About Diversified Ceramics

What colors are available from Diversified Ceramics?

Diversified Ceramics dinnerware is currently offered in 56 colors, including patterns like Laredo drip and clear speck; black, chocolate brown, Laredo brown, and white are some of the company's most popular options.

Does Diversified Ceramics manufacture any cast iron serveware?

The company only manufactures ceramic items. However, it offers skillet servers in Black Iron, a finish that mimics the look of cast iron, in capacities ranging from 5 ounces to 24 ounces. Since these skillet servers are made of ceramic, operators can present appetizers, sides, and meals in pieces that have the rustic appearance of cast iron without the weight and hassle of authentic cast iron serveware. This can be a great option for farm-to-table concepts and restaurants offering classic comfort food.

Can I use Diversified Ceramics dinnerware in the oven and microwave?

Yes, the fully vitrified ceramics manufactured by Diversified Ceramics are oven and microwave safe.

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