Cheese & Dessert Cart

These carts come in many shapes - including round, oval, and rectangular – and designs to perfectly complement your dining room. Some include open tops that keep your items on full display constantly, while others have domed covers that keep food ready for grand presentation or display cases that protect items that you'll serve directly from the cart. Useful specialty options include flambé burners, drawers, pullout shelves, and bottle storage for toppings or after-dinner drinks. More

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We offer multiple shapes and sizes to allow you to pick the best cart for your facility and usage. The smallest of these can be used to provide table service to one table at a time or keep a small selection of non-served desserts for display. The larger ones can be used to present hors d'oevres, drinks, and desserts at large gatherings, with room for several portions for serving.


Dessert carts are available in three general shapes:

  • Round carts tend to be the smallest, best for elegantly displaying a single entree, a few small dessert dishes, or a plateful of finger foods.
  • For a good balance between class and utility, oval models are available with open, tiered, domed, and display case tops.
  • Rectangular models offer the maximum usable surface area, and many of these include bottle holders or rails for securely transporting your drinks and dishes.

Top Design

Domed covers are best in full-service restaurants where servers will be presenting desserts to guests. They can create a classy display and keep food fresh and safe from pests. Display cases are great for showcasing products to customers, having your sweets constantly visible. They're often used as pastry carts and can provide a self-service or full-service option.

Multi-tiered carts without covers work very well for self-serve settings where guests can pick up hors d'oeuvres, continental breakfast items, and pastries at their leisure


Appearance is important, especially since these are commonly used in upscale eateries where presentation is key. Your dessert cart is available in a variety of wood and solid-color finishes.

Specialty Options

  • Drawers are useful for storing serving utensils and flatware.
  • Pull-out shelves can be extended when you park your cart to display additional items. Similarly, drop-leaf shelves can be collapsed to make the cart easier to maneuver.
  • Flambé burners are used for finishing dishes and creating memorable dining experiences for your guests.
  • Choose a cart with bottle storage for presenting wines and liquors. These are also useful for transporting ingredients and for desserts like bananas foster or cherries jubilee.
  • Consider a storage cabinet for utensils, supplies, and additional items that might be needed during service.
  • A cooling well is ideal for keeping desserts chilled.