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Whether you're looking for lids for a quick-serve restaurant or a drive-thru operation, you can find types that fit on specific plastic cups here, with different styles to suit your application. Select flat lids for standard soft drinks or consider dome lids if you want to serve milkshakes and smoothies topped with whipped cream. You can get translucent mug lids or opt for clear lids that show off the drink, and because soft drink lids are stackable, you can conveniently store them in bulk. More

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Carlisle 5212L30
Carlisle 5212L30 Disposable Lid for Model #5212, #4012 & #4033

KaTom #: 028-5212L30

In Stock
$48.33 / Pack of 1000
GET LID-88121-R
GET LID-88121-R Disposable / Reusable Lid For 3 in Diameter Tumblers, Red

KaTom #: 284-LID88121R

$92.99 / Case of 2000
Cambro CLNT12190
Cambro CLNT12190 Newport Tumbler Disposable Lids - (NT12)

KaTom #: 144-CLNT12190

In Stock
$48.14 / Case of 1000
Cambro CLSSM8B5148
Cambro CLSSM8B5148 Disposable Sip CamLids - (MDSB5/MDSM8)

KaTom #: 144-CLSSM8B5148

$30.31 / Case of 1000
Gold Medal 7038L
Gold Medal 7038L 12 oz Spill Proof Coffee Cup Lids, 1,000/Case

KaTom #: 231-7038L

In Stock
$36.92 / Case
Dinex DXTT58
Dinex DXTT58 Disposable Lid w/ Straw Slot for DX4GC, DX4GC9 & DX4C12 Tumblers

KaTom #: 171-DXTT58

In Stock
$37.00 / Case of 1000
Cambro CLLT10190
Cambro CLLT10190 Laguna Tumbler Disposable Lids - (LT10)

KaTom #: 144-CLLT10190

$41.00 / Case of 1000
Cambro CLNT10-190
Cambro CLNT10-190 Newport Tumbler Disposable Lids - (NT10)

KaTom #: 144-CLNT10190

In Stock
$41.00 / Case of 1000
Cambro CLNT8-190
Cambro CLNT8-190 Newport Tumbler Disposable Lids - (NT8)

KaTom #: 144-CLNT8190

$29.56 / Case of 1000
Fabri-Kal GXL345PC
Fabri-Kal GXL345PC Lid for GPC325 & GPC400 Greenware® Portion Cup - Plastic, Clear

KaTom #: 870-GXL345PC

In Stock
$43.13 / Case of 2000
Carlisle 63910L30
Carlisle 63910L30 10 oz Tumbler Disposable Lid - Translucent

KaTom #: 028-63910L30

$46.94 / Pack of 1000
Dinex DX50008714
Dinex DX50008714 Lid for DX5000 & DX5200 Mug, Clear

KaTom #: 171-DX50008714

In Stock
$51.00 / Pack of 1500
Carlisle 1110L30
Carlisle 1110L30 10 oz Disposable Tumbler Lid - (1,000/Case) Translucent

KaTom #: 028-1110L30

$46.94 / Pack of 1000
Dinex DX11928714
Dinex DX11928714 2.625" Round Disposable Lid for DX1192 6 oz Juicer, Translucent

KaTom #: 171-DX11928714

In Stock
$41.65 / Case of 1000
Carlisle TT58L30
Carlisle TT58L30 Iced Tea Lid w/ Straw Slot, Polystyrene, Translucent

KaTom #: 028-TT58L30

$37.01 / Case of 1000
Gold Medal 1122L
Gold Medal 1122L 12 oz Translucent Disposable Lids

KaTom #: 231-1122L

$88.99 / Pack of 1000
Dinex DX20029000
Dinex DX20029000 Disposable Lid for Cambro Style 8 oz Newport Tumbler

KaTom #: 171-DX20029000

In Stock
$65.25 / Case of 1500
Gold Medal 1123L
Gold Medal 1123L 16 oz Translucent Disposable Lids

KaTom #: 231-1123L

$16.73 / Case of 500
Cambro CL900P190
Cambro CL900P190 Colorware Tumbler Disposable Lids - (900P/900P2)

KaTom #: 144-CL900P190

$32.32 / Case of 1000
Dinex DX9000B7000
Dinex DX9000B7000 Disposable Lid for High-Temp Tropez® 8 oz Cup & 5 oz Bowl

KaTom #: 171-DX9000B7000

In Stock
$50.16 / Pack of 1000
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Common Questions About Cup Lids

How do I know which lid fits on my cup?

Most cup manufacturers list which drink lids fit their cups so that you can easily match your favorite drinkware to a compatible lid. Most cups have several different lid options, so you are almost certain to find a matching lid in the style you need.

What styles are available for cup lids?

Lids typically come in flat or domed styles, with both having slotted and solid designs. Slotted flat lids are the most popular because they fit over standard soft drinks and hold a straw. These are standard among most fast food restaurants and other quick-serve eateries with drive-thru windows.

Solid flat lids without a straw slot enhance spill protection for to-go drinks and retain more heat than slotted lids, so they are perfect for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Because solid lids are often used with hot drinks, they sometimes have a tab on the side so that you can remove it from the mug without touching the cup's warm body.

Perfect for garnished drinks that are topped with whipped cream, dome lids are taller than flat lids and leave more room for product. These cup lids can have a hole for a straw or be completely solid to prevent spills. Coffee shops and ice cream parlors often use these because they frequently add toppings to drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes.

Another popular lid type features a slot on the side of the top instead of the middle. This kind is made for sipping without a straw and is standard in coffee shops and other establishments that serve hot drinks.

What are soft drink lids made of?

Most disposable lids are made of standard plastics that won't easily chip, crack, or break, but more eco-friendly lids are made of biopolymer materials that use plant resin in their construction. These tops can also be made of compostable and recyclable materials, pairing well with green drinkware.

What colors do cup lids come in?

Clear drink lids enable customers to see what they're drinking and how much is left in the cup, so they are commonly used in cafés that sell unique drinks. A more popular, economical option, translucent mug lids don't provide any product visibility like clear ones. Lids with this design come in all styles and sizes and are an option for most cups and mugs.

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