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Keep the beverages you serve tasting pure and protect your equipment from harmful mineral buildup with a Cuno water filter system from 3M. Each high-flow filter cartridge is made with an IMPACT (Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology) media package that combines a microporous membrane and a pre-activated carbon block to remove sediment, scale, bacteria, and chlorine taste. 3M offers equipment-specific solutions, as well as all-purpose systems that can be connected to any equipment that relies on fresh water. More

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3M Cuno HF25
3M Cuno HF25 Cartridge, Reduces Chlorine, Odor & Sediment, 5 Microns

KaTom #: 584-5615201

$54.65 / Each
3M Cuno HF20-S
3M Cuno HF20-S Replacement Cartridge For ICE 120 S System, 0.5 Microns

KaTom #: 584-5615103

$61.66 / Each
3M Cuno HF40-S
3M Cuno HF40-S Replacement Cartridge For ICE140 S System, 0.2 Microns

KaTom #: 584-5613305

$114.46 / Each
3M Cuno CFS110-C20
3M Cuno CFS110-C20 Drop In Replacement Cartridge, 5 Microns

KaTom #: 584-5621201

$22.54 / Each
3M Cuno CFS01T
3M Cuno CFS01T Single Water Filter Housing, Valve

KaTom #: 584-5557506

$178.29 / Each
3M Cuno CFS02S
3M Cuno CFS02S Double Water Filter Housing, Valve

KaTom #: 584-5557609

$190.87 / Each
3M Cuno CFS02T
3M Cuno CFS02T Single Pre Filter Water Filter Cartridge, Valve

KaTom #: 584-5557610

$191.44 / Each
3M Cuno CFS0117S-C20
3M Cuno CFS0117S-C20 Reduces Sediment, Chlorine Taste & Odor, 5 Microns

KaTom #: 584-5559408

$51.81 / Each
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A major culprit in the everyday wear and tear of restaurant equipment is scale buildup from hard water, especially in locations with high levels of dissolved minerals in the water supply. Untreated water can leave deposits of minerals on the equipment's components, reducing efficiency and, in some cases, causing the equipment to break down. 3M's water filter systems are designed to remove minerals from water that can wreak havoc on the inner workings of your equipment.

Cuno water filter dual flow systems are designed to provide water for both cold and hot operations through a single manifold with two water outlets. One port sends fresh-tasting water to cold beverage dispensers, while another provides water that has gone through an additional step to reduce the impact of dissolved minerals on hot beverage machines and ice makers. This gives operators the ability to provide fresh, clean water to two types of equipment without the need to maintain multiple systems.

Fit your equipment with specialized 3M filter systems as indicated below:

  • Cold beverage systems reduce the taste and odor from chlorine-treated water to create fresher-tasting drinks. Many also reduce sediment and minerals in the water to help extend the lives of beverage equipment.
  • Ice systems remove chlorine tastes and odors from water for fresh-tasting ice. These systems also include a scale-inhibitor that prevents minerals deposits from forming on the interior and moving parts of equipment, and to create clearer, slower-melting ice.
  • Coffee and tea systems include scale inhibitors to protect water heating elements from scale buildup. 3M also provides espresso systems that soften water without the need for drains, electricity, or salt.
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