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Cres Cor's products include equipment to cook food, as well as holding cabinets to keep it at safe temperatures until you're ready to serve it. Countertop carving stations and rolling racks are available to help restaurants and catering services get food where it needs to be. The HotCube3 combines gas, electric, and solar power for a piece of equipment that is versatile enough to go anywhere it is needed. More

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Cres Cor's wide variety of products include:

  • Holding cabinets include units made to hold pans of food as well as those that can hold hundreds of covered plates of food. The HotCube3 is an innovative holding cabinet that can use electric or gas power, so it can easily be used indoors or out.
  • Mobile tray racks have capacities ranging from 10 to 39 trays of varying depths. These are ideal for transporting food short distances or rolling an entire rack of trays into a roll-in refrigerator.
  • Cook and hold ovens are available in full, half, and undercounter sizes. These ovens are able to be programmed to cook a product for a certain amount of time before switching to a holding temperature to keep the food at safe temperatures until it is ready to be served or transferred to a holding cabinet.
  • Countertop carving stations include a warming lamp and cutting board, and are able to be transported easily, making them ideal for catering services. Some units include a handle, drip pan, and heat lamps with a copper or nickel hood.
  • Warming lamps from Cres Cor are ceiling-mounted and retractable, meaning they can be positioned close to food when needed, then retracted back up to the ceiling when they need to be out of the way. Cres Cor offers these lamps in several colors.
  • Elbow Greez is a cleaning paste offered by Cres Cor. This cleaner helps remove grease, stains, rust, scale, oxidation, food, and more from ovens and glass, and is biodegradable and nontoxic.
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