Condiment Dispensers

Weight-watchers want no mayonnaise, kids want plenty of ketchup, and some people just need extra pickles. Condiments are a personal preference that can cause frustration for customers and chefs. One of the best ways to deal with potential disagreements is to let your customers decide how much of any topping to add on their own. We'll answer your questions about condiment dispensers here. More

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Server 86974
Server 86974 Squeeze Bottle Holder w/ (8) 16 oz Bottles

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Server 86819 Additional Topping Drop-in Bottle Holder

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Server 85784 Remote Condiment Pump w/1-oz. Stroke, Stainless

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Cal-Mil 658
Cal-Mil 658 Salsa & Condiment Bar w/ (4) 1/6 Size Pans & Remov...

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San Jamar P4800
San Jamar P4800 Pump Style Condiment Dispenser w/ Pump & Liner, Me...

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Cal-Mil 2056
Cal-Mil 2056 3 Tier Classic Condiment Bottle Organizer - Black

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San Jamar P9800
San Jamar P9800 Pump Style Condiment Dispenser w/ Liner, Stainless

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Commonly Asked Questions About Condiment Servers

Do I need front-of-house condiment dispensers?

Many restaurants make do with putting salt, pepper, and bottles of the appropriate condiments on their tables - but what if you don't have tables? Food trucks and small deli counters need a way to offer customers individualized toppings. Customers will expect certain types of food to be customizable and will want to add some elements themselves. This is the situation where front-of-house condiment units are most useful.

Do I need a back-of-house condiment dispenser?

KaTom offers a wide variety of sizes for condiment dispensers, so you can find the one that matches your needs. For a burger joint, a six- or ten-compartment dipper-style unit behind the counter would give operators quick access to every topping your menu might need. KaTom also offers refrigerated units to keep your vegetables fresh.

Should I get a pump or dipper station?

Look for a station that suits the condiments you'll be dispensing. Sauces and other viscous condiments work well with pump stations, while thicker condiments or toppings require a dipper station. A dipper station is a container with a wide opening that is suitable for scooping with a spoon. If you're offering a variety of toppings, such as salsa and hot sauce, you'll need both pump and dipper dispensers or a unit that combines the two.

What size condiment servers are available?

Pump units range from one to six pumps, while dipper units range from one to ten dipper compartments that hold one-sixth food pans. Combination units have two pumps and between two and four dipper storage compartments.

Are there refrigerated condiment dispensers?

Some of our units are refrigerated to keep heat-sensitive toppings or condiments fresh. These are more expensive than non-refrigerated units, but if you are going to be offering fresh toppings, such as lettuce, peppers, and onions, you'll need to keep them cool before they're used. Other units are chilled instead of refrigerated, which means you would place ice in the unit and insulation would keep the condiments chilled until it melts. If you only need to keep ingredients cool for a two-hour lunch rush or a similarly short time, chilled dispensers are the way to go.

What sort of lids do condiment servers have?

Most pump units have no lid and are not intended to display contents. Dipper units, though, have a variety of lids, from opaque to transparent. Closeable lids keep pests and debris out of the food, and transparent lids save time by giving customers or employees a clear view of the condiments or toppings they're looking for. They also let you see when a topping is running low so that no customer has to go without.

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