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Placing a computer on a cart allows mobility for tasks like taking inventory, point-of-sale transactions, and human resources applications. Computer carts can also be wheeled into conference rooms and offices for training or entertaining purposes. More

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If you'll use your computer cart to allow a small audience to see a display, you may want a cart that has the capability to mount a large, flat screen monitor. For larger audiences, you may want to add a projector. Either way, a mobile computer station can be an invaluable asset.

Number of Levels

The number of levels these carts have tends to be three and they are usually adjustable. The top level will generally have a safety mat and the middle and top levels will have a cable pass-through hole. This helps to keep your computer area more organized and easily maneuverable. Each level has a retaining lip around the edge to keep items from sliding off.

Weight Capacity

The units generally have a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds, and models with a display mounting option can typically hold up to a 42-inch flat-panel display, so they can be used more like a TV cart. The body and shelves are made of powder-coated steel that can come in a variety of colors.

Number of Outlets

This type of AV cart will most often come with a surge-protected power strip with three outlets. The cord length on these units is generally 15 feet. Most of them come with 4-inch casters, two with locking brakes.

Specialty Options

  • A computer cart with a lockable cabinet provides safety when storing valuables under your computer. It may be useful in keeping up with important software, files, and gadgets like presenters and remotes.
  • A keyboard drawer can provide an ergonomic and space-saving convenience to your cart. Keyboard and mouse operation are easier when the shelf can be pulled out. It can also be pushed back in when not in use, saving valuable space.
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