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Candy molds give your operation the ability to shape chocolates, jellies, and other sweets into intriguing designs to delight your guests. KaTom offers a wide range of molds, from simple half spheres to full chess pieces. Most of these molds are made from food-grade silicone or polycarbonate for customer safety and easy cleaning. More

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Matfer 339013
Matfer 339013 24 Compartment Raspberry Fruit Jelly Mold, Silicone

KaTom #: 347-339013

$50.30 / Each
Matfer 339017
Matfer 339017 24 Compartment Round Fruit Jelly Mold, Silicone

KaTom #: 347-339017

$50.30 / Each
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Commonly Asked Questions About Chocolate Molds

Are silicone candy molds safe?

All the candy molds you'll find at KaTom are made of food-grade materials like silicone or polycarbonate to ensure they won't impart any plastics or harmful chemicals into the food. As long as you follow the mold's instructions, your desserts will be perfectly safe.

What sort of refrigeration is needed for chocolate or hard candy molds?

Chocolate should be cooled quickly to temper it and capture its shine. Once the heated chocolate is poured into the mold, place it in the freezer. Freezing time will vary depending on the size of the candy. Different cooling temperatures and grades of chocolate will produce varying finishes. Hard candy is not usually refrigerated during the creation process.

What shape candy molds are available?

KaTom offers a large selection of polycarbonate and silicone candy molds to accent your dessert presentations. From simple candy bars to complex chess pieces, candy molds provide variety and amusement for your guests. Combining molds with different types of chocolate or candy can create delightful "cups of coffee" or floral settings. Let your imagination run wild!

How do I clean chocolate molds?

These molds are designed so that candy can be easily removed, so they clean up quickly. A soap and rinse will usually be enough to keep your mold clean. Polycarbonate and food-grade silicone molds are durable, so your purchase should last a long time with proper care.

Are kits or sets of molds available?

Assortment sets provide a variety of shapes and sizes within one mold. These molds give you more decoration options per batch but sacrifice the ability to make a large quantity of uniform candies. Some stainless steel models are designed for larger batches of candies, so they suit operations that want to make specific desserts regularly.

Where can I find jelly or hard candy molds?

For other styles of candy, including jellies or hard candies, KaTom offers silicone jelly molds. Fruit-shaped molds are perfect for fruit-flavored candies and can add a fun, colorful flair to your dishes.

Are candy molds transparent?

Many chocolate molds are transparent so that the operator can see a specific decoration forming in the shaped part of the mold. Adding colored swirls or solid ingredients gives your guests an intriguing experience, and transparent molds help you make sure that the decoration is exactly right before you set it. Not all molds are transparent – jelly molds, for example, come in varying solid colors.

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