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Dim sum steamers – also known as Chinese steamers, rice roll steamers, or dumpling steamers – are traditionally placed over a wok or a similar shallow vessel filled with water. Choose a size that will fit securely over your selected pot without it tipping over. For best results, purchase a dim sum steamer that's about an inch wider than the pot you're using. More

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Town 36508
Town 36508 8 1/4"Dim Sum Steamer, Stainless

KaTom #: 296-36508

In Stock
$12.45 / Each
Town 34208S
Town 34208S Bamboo Steamer, 8 in

KaTom #: 296-34208S

In Stock
$6.99 / Each
Town 34642
Town 34642 Bamboo Steamer Pan, Fits 12" Steamer, 13 3/4 in, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34642

In Stock
$11.99 / Each
Town 34412
Town 34412 12" Chinese Steamer Basket, 7/8" Perforations, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34412

In Stock
$22.49 / Each
Town 34206
Town 34206 Bamboo Steamer Set, Includes 2 Steamers, 1 Cover, 6 in

KaTom #: 296-34206

In Stock
$9.78 / Set
Town 34212S
Town 34212S Bamboo Steamer, 12 in

KaTom #: 296-34212S

In Stock
$8.15 / Each
Town 34640
Town 34640 11.75" Round Aluminum Pan for 10" Bamboo Steamers

KaTom #: 296-34640

In Stock
$8.65 / Each
GET STM-85-BK 8.5" Round Steamer Set, Polypropylene, Black

KaTom #: 284-STM85BK

$78.36 / 1 Dozen
Town 34210
Town 34210 10" Bamboo Set w/ (2) Steamers & (1) Cover

KaTom #: 296-34210

In Stock
$16.47 / Set
Town 36510
Town 36510 10" Round Dim Sum Steamer, Stainless

KaTom #: 296-36510

In Stock
$14.99 / Each
Town 34210S
Town 34210S Bamboo Steamer, 10 in

KaTom #: 296-34210S

In Stock
$7.38 / Each
Town 34220
Town 34220 Bamboo Steamer, 20 in

KaTom #: 296-34220

In Stock
$26.44 / Each
Town 34222
Town 34222 Bamboo Steamer, 22 in

KaTom #: 296-34222

In Stock
$28.72 / Each
Town 34224
Town 34224 Bamboo Steamer, 24 in

KaTom #: 296-34224

In Stock
$33.48 / Each
Town 34414
Town 34414 14" Chinese Steamer Basket, 7/8" Perforations, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34414

In Stock
$24.99 / Each
Town 34416
Town 34416 16" Chinese Steamer Basket, 7/8" Perforations, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34416

In Stock
$28.49 / Each
Town 34418
Town 34418 18" Chinese Steamer Basket, 7/8" Perforations, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34418

In Stock
$35.49 / Each
Town 34420
Town 34420 20" Chinese Steamer Basket, 7/8" Perforations, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34420

In Stock
$44.99 / Each
Town 34422
Town 34422 22" Chinese Steamer Basket, 7/8" Perforations, Aluminum

KaTom #: 296-34422

In Stock
$53.99 / Each
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Common Questions About Dim Sum Steamers

What are the benefits of using bamboo steamers?

Bamboo steamers cook food more gently than boiling and poaching and do not negatively impact the food's vitamins and minerals. These steamers maintain a dish's color and shape better than many other cooking methods. Cooking with a bamboo steamer is also typically healthier than other cooking methods, especially if you are cooking food that has a high fat content. When steamed in a bamboo steamer, the oils from fatty foods will drip into the boiling water, which will in turn create a healthier, less fatty meal. Finally, because of the extremely high temperature at which a steamer cooks food, the cook time for your meals will be greatly reduced. We recommend that you check on your food often to make sure that it isn't overcooking.

How do I use a bamboo steamer or dumpling steamer?

Traditionally used to steam dumplings, fish, and vegetables, dim sum steamers and bamboo steamers are relatively straightforward. Before food is placed in the steamer, the bamboo should be lined to aid in quick cleanup and prevent the food's flavor from being absorbed. Parchment paper, cheese cloth, cabbage and banana leaves, lettuce, and corn husks all work well for liners. After adding food to the bamboo steamer, you should place it on properly sized cookware. The water level in the cookware should be low enough to avoid touching the food. The steamer's lattice-like structure then enables steam to pass through and cook the food.

What materials are available for dim sum steamers?

Bamboo is the most common and traditional option because it absorbs some of the moisture from water vapor and prevents it from dripping into the food. These bamboo steamers require a liner to eliminate flavor transfer between products. Chinese steamers made of polypropylene are lightweight and may be safe in the dishwasher. Often coming in a set that includes a colander, stainless steel Chinese steamers sometimes help the water heat more quickly and trap steam more efficiently.

What special features are offered on dim sum steamers?

Some dim sum steamers may be break resistant, and several models are dishwasher safe. When viewing these products, be sure to look at the product description to find out if the product that you are looking at has one of these features.

What foods are usually cooked with bamboo steamers?

Bamboo steamers are extremely popular with those looking to steam vegetables, but Chinese steamers are also great at steaming foods such as fish and chicken. If you're looking to enhance the flavor of the food that you are steaming, you can change the liquid that you are steaming it in. Instead, try steaming with beer, wine, or broth to add a different flavor to your meals.

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