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Moving a large number of chairs can be a challenge. A chair dolly can provide an efficient way to get them from one place to another. We have models designed for either stackable or folding chairs that can move the chairs standing-up, stacked, hanging, or lying flat. More

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Before you purchase a chair dolly, you need to think about what type of chair you will be transporting. Stackable and folding are the two types of chairs that can be moved by a dolly. A chair cart can transport one or the other, but not both. Non-stackable and non-folding chairs cannot be moved on these.


Next, you need to consider how many chairs you'll need to move at one time. If you have only a few dozen chairs, it may be more cost effective to go with a model with a lower capacity. However, if you are setting up a large banquet room or concert venue with hundreds of chairs, consider getting a model with a high capacity. This will cut down on labor as your employees can move the same amount of chairs in significantly less time. It will also cut down on employee fatigue, allowing them to use their energy for other tasks.

Stackable Chair Load

There are several different ways of transporting the chairs. All stackable models move chairs through stacking only. These chairs were purposely designed to be stacked one on top of another and moving them using any other method would be counterproductive to their purpose.

Folding Chair Load

Folding chairs can be carried one of three ways: laid flat, standing, or hanging. A model on which the chairs lay flat stacks the chairs in a folded position. This allows the model to utilize its length and width to hold chairs. Typically, this type is less expensive than other kinds, but they do not have the capacity of the other two types.

Standing models are typically larger in all three dimensions than lay flat models, which gives them more capacity. On these models, folded chairs are mounted front-to-back in a standing position.

The final type of chair dolly is one on which folded chairs are transported while hanging. You can purchase these models with either one or two hanging levels. Either type allows for quick loading and unloading of chairs and can move plenty at once. Before purchasing one of these models, know what size of chairs you need to move. Then, check to see if the folding chair cart you're interested in can fit those chairs.

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