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Catering equipment endures a lot of wear and tear because it is often transported between different locations to serve hundreds of guests. KaTom carries a variety of food pan carrier parts, insulated beverage dispenser accessories, and other odds and ends to keep your food transportation equipment in good shape. From food pan carrier accessories that make your unit more versatile to replacement insulated beverage dispenser parts that can help extend useful lives of that equipment, you're sure to find the items you need in our selection. More

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Cambro 60012
Cambro 60012 Hinge Kit for Top-Loading Camcarriers

KaTom #: 144-60012

In Stock
$13.52 / Each
Metro MLP1
Metro MLP1 Insulated Partition for ML300 & ML400 Mightylite™ Food...

KaTom #: 001-MLP1

(You can remove it at any time)
Cambro UTHSTP 200" Strap for Camcarriers

KaTom #: 144-UTHSTP

In Stock
$5.64 / Each
Carlisle IC225LH01
Carlisle IC225LH01 Cateraide Hinged Lid Assembly - Polyethylene, Brown

KaTom #: 028-IC225LH01

In Stock
$94.64 / Each
Carlisle PC301LG03
Carlisle PC301LG03 Door Assembly for PC300N & PC600N - Polyethylen...

KaTom #: 028-PC301LG03

$62.95 / Each
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Common Questions About Catering Carrier Parts & Accessories

What food pan carrier parts are available?

Whether your food pan carrier is a top- or end-loading unit, the latch securing its door may become faulty from overuse or rough handling. Replacement latches ensure that your carrier doesn't fail during transport. Because they enable units to transport hot and cold food at the same time, dividers are some of the most popular food pan carrier accessories, as are shelves that can optimize your use of a carrier.

What insulated beverage dispenser parts are available?

Like food pan carriers, insulated beverage dispensers may have latches that secure their lids to the units. However, spigots are the most-used component of any beverage dispenser, which means they often become worn or damaged. Replacement spigots are available if the spigot on your unit breaks or begins to leak.

How do I know which parts or accessories are compatible with my unit?

Most manufacturers make full lists of compatible parts and accessories available for their equipment. If you know which model you currently use, you can contact one of our helpful customer care representatives at 800-541-8683 to check which parts and accessories will work with your unit.

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