Carlisle Buffet Service

Find all the equipment you need here for setting up a buffet or other serving line, from chafers to trays, salad tongs to plate stands.

Carlisle Chafers

Find the chafing dishes your catering business needs by choosing from our selection of Carlisle chafers.

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Carlisle Buffet Bowls

Make sure your business is prepared for the next lunch rush with Carlisle buffet bowls.

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Carlisle Buffet Trays & Platters

Carlisle buffet trays and platters are both affordable and attractive, making them a perfect choice for both veteran and brand new food service businesses.

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Carlisle Display Covers

Keep your baked goods and pastries fresh for longer while they're out on the buffet line with Carlisle display covers.

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Carlisle Stainless Buffetware

Carlisle stainless buffetware is sure to have your establishment looking great with their aesthetically pleasing designs.

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Carlisle Balsam Displayware

This Carlisle Balsam displayware features a simple design that won't take away from the food you're presenting.

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Carlisle Plate Stands

Create a show-stopping presentation at your next catered event or buffet restaurant by ordering Carlisle plate stands.

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Carlisle Palette Designer Displayware

This Carlisle Palette Designer Displayware features a variety of different designs, from modern geometric patterns to striking black waves.

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