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Cake stands provide bakers a way to display their hard work that matches the elegance of a well-made cake. They can be simple, hiding beneath your cake to elevate the existing look, or be complex to visually complement your cakes. KaTom carries everything from a low profile cake plate to porcelain wedding cake stands, so you're sure to find one that matches your style. We'll go over our stand selection and then answer a few common questions below. More

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Tablecraft H820P422
Tablecraft H820P422 12 3/4" Cake Plate with Cover - Clear

KaTom #: 229-H820P422

In Stock
$19.65 / Each
Browne 57124
Browne 57124 12" Stainless Steel Cake Stand

KaTom #: 158-57124

In Stock
$9.41 / Each
Tablecraft 821422
Tablecraft 821422 Cake Stand & Cover Set, 12 3/4 x 13 3/4"

KaTom #: 229-821422

In Stock
$22.88 / Each
Winco CKSR-12
Winco CKSR-12 12" Round Cake Stand w/ Cast Iron Base

KaTom #: 080-CKSR12

In Stock
$24.95 / Each
Rubbermaid 1777191
Rubbermaid 1777191 10" Cake/Pie Keeper - Clear Lid, White

KaTom #: 007-1777191

In Stock
$8.11 / Each
10 Strawberry Street WTR-8CAKESTND
10 Strawberry Street WTR-8CAKESTND 8.5" Round Cake Stand - Porcelain,...


In Stock
$105.59 / Case of 12
Cambro RD1200CW135
Cambro RD1200CW135 12" Camwear Cake Display Cover - Clear/Chrome

KaTom #: 144-RD1200CW

In Stock
$13.99 / Each
Walco AC9118
Walco AC9118 6" Round Jumbo Cupcake Stand - Aluminum, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-AC9118

$12.50 / Each
Walco AC9124
Walco AC9124 22" Round Contemporary Cake Stand - Brass, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-AC9124

$187.50 / Each
Walco ACG88516
Walco ACG88516 16" Round Floral Cake Stand - Aluminum, Gold-Plated

KaTom #: 264-ACG88516

$60.00 / Each
Tablecraft 421
Tablecraft 421 Styrene Cake Cover, 12 x 7 1/2", Plastic Handle

KaTom #: 229-421

$6.28 / Each
Winco CKS-13
Winco CKS-13 13" Round Cake Stand

KaTom #: 080-CKS13

In Stock
$8.05 / Each
Walco AC88524
Walco AC88524 24" Round Floral Cake Stand - Aluminum, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-AC88524

$220.00 / Each
Walco AC9119
Walco AC9119 24" Round Contemporary Cake Stand - Brass, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-AC9119

$220.00 / Each
Walco AC9123
Walco AC9123 18" Round Contemporary Cake Stand - Brass, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-AC9123

$130.00 / Each
Walco AC9128
Walco AC9128 22" Square Contemporary Cake Stand - Brass, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-AC9128

$240.00 / Each
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Common Questions About Cake Stands

Do I need a cake stand with cover?

A cake cover keeps cakes fresh and prevents pests from attacking the cake while it's on display. Cake covers are typically transparent, so the cake can entice customers even when it isn't being served. Consider a cake stand with cover if you plan on displaying cakes for longer periods of time than it would take to serve and eat them. Some stands we offer come with a cover, but KaTom also sells cake covers separately, so you should be able to find one that matches whatever base you choose.

Does KaTom carry wedding cake stands?

Our selection of stands covers a large range of formality, from simple cake plates to elegant gold-plated stands with floral engravings. Our more decorous offerings make wonderful wedding cake stands, with the most common colors for the lavish stands being gold, silver, and white, with other colors sprinkled in. Consider the shape of the wedding cake as well as the size before purchasing a stand. Most cake covers will not be large enough to encompass a wedding cake, so you will also need to make arrangements to protect it before serving. Frosted cakes can be left out for several days before they begin to go stale, but unfrosted cakes should be covered with plastic wrap. A cut cake should have plastic wrap or additional frosting placed over the cut spaces to preserve moisture, and cakes with fresh fruit or dairy (excluding butter) may need to be refrigerated.

What is a rotating cake stand?

A revolving or rotating cake stand has a stationary base attached to a rotatable cake plate, enabling the user to turn the cake smoothly without moving the entire apparatus. This is useful in merchandising your cakes, as you can show potential customers the entire work or turn the cake to offer pieces to different guests around a table. A revolving cake stand is great for displaying elegantly decorated cakes and enables everyone around the table to reach the piece they have their eye on.

What materials are cake stands made of?

The most common materials comprising our stands are stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic, all of which offer different textures and aesthetics. One primary factor that would make one stand preferable over another is the look. Some bakers will prefer the classy look of gold-plated aluminum, while others might choose the practicality of stainless steel or acrylic. Pick a stand that matches the intent of the cake's decoration, whether understated or flamboyant.

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