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Whether you know them as bottle openers or church keys, these handy little tools have long been used by barkeepers and general store proprietors. From punching holes in pineapple juice cans for piña coladas to cracking open a chilled bottled beverage, these commercial-grade tools are designed to endure heavy use. Browse our selection to find both handheld and wall-mounted bottle openers. More

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Update CO-35
Update CO-35 4 1/8" Can Punch/Bottle Opener - Stainless

KaTom #: 370-CO35

In Stock
$0.31 / Each
Browne 574078
Browne 574078 Can Tapper & Bottle Opener, 4 in, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 158-C801

In Stock
$0.36 / Each
Browne 574074
Browne 574074 Bottle Opener, 7 in, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 158-HL552

In Stock
$1.13 / Each
Edlund 50SS/12
Edlund 50SS/12 Can Punch/Bottle Opener, Nickel Plated

KaTom #: 034-50

In Stock
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$7.10 / Each
American Metalcraft SBO154
American Metalcraft SBO154 Flat Mini Bottle Opener, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-SBO154

$0.92 / Each
Winco CO-301
Winco CO-301 7" Flat Bottle Opener, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-CO301

In Stock
$1.14 / Each
Update BO-7F
Update BO-7F 7" Flat Bottle Opener - Stainless

KaTom #: 370-BO7F

In Stock
$1.02 / Each
Winco CO201
Winco CO201 4" Can Tapper Bottle Opener, Nickel Plated

KaTom #: 080-CO201

In Stock
$0.29 / Each
Update BO-WM
Update BO-WM Bottle Opener - Wall Mount, 4x2

KaTom #: 370-BOWM

In Stock
$1.09 / Each
Tablecraft 396
Tablecraft 396 7" Stainless Steel Pocket Bottle Opener

KaTom #: 229-396

In Stock
$1.09 / Each
Winco CO-301PK
Winco CO-301PK 7" Flat Bottle Opener, Stainless w/ Black PVC Coating

KaTom #: 080-CO301PK

In Stock
$1.55 / Each
American Metalcraft LBO27
American Metalcraft LBO27 7" Bottle Opener, Stainless

KaTom #: 166-LBO27

In Stock
$1.41 / Each
Winco BCH-14
Winco BCH-14 Bottle Cap Holder, 10 x 6", Stainless

KaTom #: 080-BCH14

In Stock
$8.28 / Each
Winco CO-302
Winco CO-302 7" Can Tapper Bottle Opener, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-CO302

In Stock
$1.13 / Each
World Tableware 75139
World Tableware 75139 8" Punch Can/Bottle Opener - Stainless

KaTom #: 192-75139

$29.81 / 1 Dozen
Winco CO-303
Winco CO-303 7" Can Tapper Bottle Opener, Wooden Handle, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-CO303

In Stock
$1.17 / Each
Lodge ASBO
Lodge ASBO 5.13" Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 261-ASBO

In Stock
$4.28 / Each
Krowne KR-401
Krowne KR-401 Cap Catcher & Opener For Royal Series

KaTom #: 381-KR401

$34.96 / Each
Tablecraft CT109
Tablecraft CT109 4" Can Tapper, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 229-CT109

In Stock
$4.41 / 1 Dozen
American Metalcraft WBO3
American Metalcraft WBO3 Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

KaTom #: 166-WBO3

In Stock
$1.12 / Each
Tablecraft CP42
Tablecraft CP42 7" Nickel Plated Steel Can Punch

KaTom #: 229-CP42

$31.00 / 1 Dozen
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Common Questions About Bottle Openers

Why is a beer opener called a church key?

Although this question is commonly asked when someone first hears the term, the most popular explanation is not quite as interesting as you might hope. The term "church key" became a popular way of referring to these devices before user-friendly pop tops and twist-off caps were an option. Circa the 1950s, bottle openers had an elongated design and a cylindrical end that resembled an old church key. Whether it was a tongue-in-cheek way to poke fun at stricter society's distaste for libations or simply an acknowledgement of the two items' similar shapes, bottle openers remain a necessity for beverage enthusiasts and bartenders even as the more playful church key slang has faded from modern culture's lexicon.

What type of bottle opener do I need?

Most commercial bottle openers are true multi-purpose tools. The standard model can pry off the caps of glass bottles and pop the tabs on cans. Some bartender bottle openers have a built-in can opener and/or punch that enables bartenders and other staff members to quickly open metal cans with flat tops so they can create sauces, drinks, and other meal components without wasting time on a more-involved can opener. These tools are often listed as can punch/bottle openers and are commonly used behind the bar and in back-of-house prep work.

Perhaps the only tools that have a single focus are wall bottle openers, which have the advantages of always being in the same place and putting more of the workload on the wall and less stress on users' hands. They can be paired with cap catchers to streamline the cap disposal process. Although they cannot punch open cans, mounted bottle openers can benefit bartenders who do not want to lose time looking for handheld bottle openers during busy dayparts.

What are bottle openers made of?

Most handheld bartender bottle openers are utilitarian in design and are traditionally made of stainless or nickel-plated steel to endure repeated use in bars and restaurants. Beer bottle openers with increased aesthetic appeal may be accented with wooden handles or a black finish, have slimmer designs, or be made of other materials like chrome or copper.

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