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After creating a home mill that revolutionized the industry, Blendtec founder Tom Dickson decided to create a whole line of products to turn freshly-milled wheat into perfectly-crafted dough. The mixer he designed included a whisk and dough hooks to create the correct mix without over kneading. The machine was designed so that once the dough reached the correct consistency, the motor would automatically stop.

With a mill and mixer that worked together seamlessly, Dickson decided his next innovation would be a blender. He started with a design similar to those that were already on the market, then he began to add his twist to it. Beginning with dull blades, his first innovation, and continually building and changing, his legacy has resulted in state-of-the-art machines that now feature touch interfaces - leaps and bounds from the original blenders that he used to begin his company.

The company became a household name in the industry with the advent of the “Will it Blend?” YouTube series. With videos of the blenders pulverizing everything from garden rakes to iPhones, the company became hugely popular. It is the unique design of the blades and jar that allow these units to break down such rigid items. The dull blades and square jar keep the contents in contact with the blades, creating continuous movement and quick, efficient blending. For an in-depth comparison of Blendtec's commercial products, see our Blendtec commercial blenders buyers' guide.

Blender Jars

Blendtec's jars are themselves an innovation in blending. Included in its offerings are:

  • The newest, the Wildside+ Jar has a patented square design with a fifth side and larger capacity, producing a fully blended mix in as little as 14 seconds. The patented fifth side reduces air pockets and creates a completely smooth mix. This jar is ideal for large, high-volume businesses.
  • The original Fourside Jarhas a square shape and dull wingtip blade to create a blending vortex that crushes, rather than slices, your mix to a smooth consistency. The smaller jar capacity is perfect for those just starting out or for lower-volume businesses.
  • The Twister Jar allows you to blend thick recipes that would normally slow down your blender and create lumps within your product. The unique lid design features plastic blades that wipe the sides of the jar as you twist the lid, forcing the mix back into the blade, ensuring a smooth consistency.
  • Colored jars are available in amber and red, and they're not just for decoration. They allow you to prevent cross contamination of allergens by using each for a different potential irritant.
  • A Vitamix replacement jar is available: the Wildside+ Rebel. This jar provides the same features as the Wildside+ for Vitamix owners. This jar was created as a safe replacement for the recalled Vitamix jars.

Blender Bases

The blender base options include models for those just starting out all the way to high-end, high-volume businesses that make hundreds of drinks a day.


The EZ model offers high-quality results at an entry-level value. If you are just starting out and are on a budget, or just need to blend a few batches a day, this is the blender to choose. This model is designed to handle moderate usage of 10-30 blends per day. The medium- to high-sound level is designed for use in the back-of-house and away from customers. This model includes two jars and 30 preprogrammed cycles.


For great performance in smaller spaces, the SpaceSaver model is best for medium-volume applications. With its optional sound enclosure and 30-60 blends per day capacity, this unit is recommended for bars and cafes with limited space that need to blend drinks quickly.


The Chef model is designed specifically for culinary artists. Its versatile functions, preprogrammed cycles, and manual operation mode make it perfect for complex dishes. Rated for 100+ blends per day with a medium noise level, this one is best for back-of-house use. The user interface allows you to fine-tune the controls for optimum operation and includes easy-to-use preprogrammed cycles. The memory function allows you to save manual operation and new blend cycles.

Q Series

The Q Series offers high-quality, high-volume production with a reduced noise level for front-of-house use. Optional colored jars help protect patrons with food allergies, and the included sound enclosure reduces the overall noise by nearly half. That makes these models perfect for making drinks at the counter or bar near customers. A feature can be enabled to shut off the blender whenever the sound enclosure is raised.


Designed for use in areas where low noise is critical, the Stealth blender comes with 42 preprogrammed cycles and is USB-programmable for custom recipes. This blender is the only one to offer a capacitive touch interface, allowing the operator to perform complex programs with little training on the machine. The touch slider control is an industry first that provides the user with precise speed control.

Extras and Accessories

Quite a few accessories and dispenser options are available, including:

  • Rapid Rinser Station, a sink-mounted tool that lets you clean your jars quickly between uses and reduces water use over using the faucet alone.
  • Twister Spatula, which is designed to fit the shape of the Twister jar to scrape thick mixtures back down toward the blades.
  • Blender System premeasures ice and liquid ingredients, then blends them to the perfect consistency in one step. This system reduces user error and product waste from incorrectly-mixed drinks.
  • Self-Serve Smoothie Machine lets customers choose their flavors and press a button for a convenient self-serve smoothie. The machine sanitizes itself for easy upkeep.
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