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These hotel luggage carts are among the first things customers see when they pull up to your hotel. Whether you choose a traditional dolly, or if a truck or hand cart is more your style, these provide convenience to your customers and staff. More

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Whether bellmen help your guests or they serve themselves, one of the keys to an enjoyable hotel visit is the ease with which guests can get settled into their rooms. One way to make this transition easier is by providing hotel luggage carts. There are many options to consider when choosing the cart that will help make a positive first impression.


The upright cart makes transporting bulky items and maneuvering in tight spaces easier. They have a convenient hook for suit coats and other hanging garments. These hand trucks have 8-inch pneumatic wheels that provide easy mobility.

Dolly-type carts make delivering a large number of items in one trip a little easier. Because parking garages can be far away from registration desks and guestrooms, having a number of these carts will help your customers get all their belongings to their rooms as efficiently as possible. They have sides to help keep cargo secure, even when items are stacked. They also have a pole across the top for hanging clothes. They come with either 5- or 8-inch casters that are either pneumatic or polyurethane. They're available with stainless or gold hardware, whichever fits in with your décor the best.

When hotel shuttles or tour buses arrive, truck carts are ideal for moving large numbers of suitcases and other luggage. They also give a streamlined look to your décor when moving around merchandise and equipment.


Bellhop carts come in two finishes to add to the overall look. You may desire the more utilitarian look of stainless, while carts with gold finishes can add a hint of luxury to your atmosphere.

Carpet Color

The surfaces of hotel luggage carts on or against which bags rest are typically covered with carpet. That provides both protection for your guests' luggage and adds a touch of class. You can choose from the following colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Brown
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