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Batter dispensers are perfect for conveniently and precisely portioning donut, pancake, or funnel cake batter. Portion-control pancake dispensers give operators an ideal method of creating uniform pancakes and keeping track of exactly how much batter is used for each one, and the same is true for donut batter dispensers and funnel cake dispensers. Providing an exact measurement for each individual product gives you control over the nutritional content and relative cost of each sale. This additional control given by the right dispenser lets the chef craft identical items, which streamlines the plating process and enhances presentation. We'll go over KaTom's selection of dispensers below and then answer some common questions. More

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Winco APCD6
Winco APCD6 Pancake Dispenser - 8 Portion Settings, 10 ga Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APCD6

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$65.86 / Each
Update PCD-STD
Update PCD-STD Pancake Batter Dispenser Stand - Chrome

KaTom #: 370-PCDSTD

In Stock
$2.42 / Each
Gold Medal 8220
Gold Medal 8220 Type K Batter Dispenser Adjustable from 0.5 to 3 oz

KaTom #: 231-8220

$230.43 / Each
Nemco 7050
Nemco 7050 Self-Serve Batter Dispenser - 12" x 18.5", Stainless

KaTom #: 128-7050

Ships Free
$233.75 / Each
Waring CAC107
Waring CAC107 Batter Spreader

KaTom #: 141-CAC107

$20.08 / Each
Vollrath 46572
Vollrath 46572 2 qt Batter Can - Hinged Cover, Stainless

KaTom #: 175-46572

In Stock
$315.59 / Pack of 6
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Common Questions About Batter Dispensers

What types of dispensers are available?

There are several styles of dispensers that can cater to every need. Batter pitchers are the simplest option and make pouring batter convenient and clean. However, most pitchers are not going to have a portion-control function, leaving portion size up to the chef's hand. This can be beneficial if you want to promote a handmade aesthetic in your food or if you want to make creative shapes with your batter.

Portion-control dispensers are great for speeding up the portioning process without going overboard. Most function by pressing a lever or trigger that forces batter out of a nozzle and is stopped after a certain amount of batter is dispensed. Because these are frequently adjustable, the operator can play around with what size funnel cake, donut, or waffle he or she wants to make. The stopping mechanism facilitates dispensing batter, so the chef doesn't have to worry about dispensing too much and requiring longer cook times. Simply press the lever and start cooking.

Self-serve pancake dispensers fit best in buffet-style operations, such as in a hotel lobby for breakfast. These handy machines store batter in a sanitary container with a spout at the front and dispense batter when the spout is activated. Instead of needing employees to make pancakes or waffles, an available waffle iron can do all the necessary cooking without an attendant.

What batters can I use in a dispenser?

These dispensers can be used with any batter that will fit through the spout. Batter with large particulates is more likely to clog up the dispenser, but other than that, operators can use whichever custom batter they prefer. Pancake, funnel cake, waffle, donut, and hushpuppy batter are all great candidates for these dispensers.

Do self-serve dispensers help cook the batter?

Our self-serve pancake, funnel cake, and donut batter dispensers do not cook batter or keep it warm. Instead, they provide a sanitary place to store the batter and a spout that dispenses the batter quickly and cleanly. For the most part, these dispensers will not keep batter chilled either, so be sure to implement long-term food safety measures.

Are these batter pitchers dishwasher safe?

Consult the individual product manual for each pitcher to determine whether it is made of a dishwasher-safe material. Many of our handheld donut, pancake, and funnel cake dispensers are dishwasher safe, so consider whether that feature will benefit you before making a purchase. The larger self-serve units will not fit in a dishwasher and will need to be cleaned by hand. Because there are so many varieties of batter dispenser styles, we recommend double-checking the product specification sheet of the product you're considering before you purchase.

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