Bar Mats & Shelf Liners

Bar and shelf liners enable thorough drainage to promote rapid, fog-free drying that helps prevent bacteria growth. These come in a variety of sizes and colors to best fit into your concept. More

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Winco BL-240C
Winco BL-240C Bar Liner, 2 x 40 ft, Clear

KaTom #: 080-BL240C

In Stock
$24.39 / Roll
Winco BL-240G
Winco BL-240G Bar Liner, 2 x 40 ft, Green

KaTom #: 080-BL240G

$24.39 / Roll
Winco BL-240R
Winco BL-240R Bar Liner, 2 x 40 ft, Red

KaTom #: 080-BL240R

In Stock
$24.39 / Roll
Winco BL-240W
Winco BL-240W Bar Liner, 2 x 40 ft, White

KaTom #: 080-BL240W

$24.39 / Roll
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Common Questions About Bar and Shelf Liners

Why should I use bar and shelf liners?

When glassware is placed on bar and shelf liners after being washed, it is able to dry completely. Water can thoroughly drain through the mesh material, ensuring drying happens quickly to reduce the risk of bacteria growth. Drying racks can chip glassware, but bar and shelf liners protect glassware from chipping and breaking.

How do I choose bar and shelf liners?

Size should be one of the largest considerations when you're choosing bar and shelf liners. They come in a variety of sizes, so they can fit effortlessly into your space. Bar and shelf liners can even be cut to completely fit into a certain area.

Bar and shelf liners come in different materials, which can determine their softness, directly affecting your glassware. Depending on the material, some bar and shelf liners stick to the surface better. There are also some that don't absorb or produce odors.

You can also choose bar and shelf liners based on their color to best fit into your theme. Most bar and shelf liners are clear or black, but green, red, and brown options are also available. Specific colors can be used to designate placement of different types of glassware or the application in which the glasses are used.

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