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Banquet chairs are a useful addition to any establishment's back room, as their portable design can expand seating at a moment's notice without unnecessarily eating up storage space. These lightweight chairs facilitate movement and can usually be stacked or folded to save storage space when not in use. Catering and event services make great use of stackable chairs during weddings, seminars, conferences, or banquets, among other get-togethers. Any event that needs seating beyond what is regularly available needs appropriate banquet or folding chairs. We'll go over KaTom's selection below and answer some common questions. More

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Oak Street SL2082-BLK
Oak Street SL2082-BLK Stacking Chair w/ Tapered Square Back, Vinyl Bac...

KaTom #: 256-SL2082BLK

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$19.87 / Each
Oak Street SL2082-WINE
Oak Street SL2082-WINE Stacking Chair w/ Tapered Square Back, Vinyl Ba...

KaTom #: 256-SL2082WINE

In Stock
$19.87 / Each
Royal Industries ROY718B
Royal Industries ROY718B Square Back Stack Chair w/ Steel Frame &...

KaTom #: 203-ROY718B

In Stock
$24.91 / Each
Correll RC350 23
Correll RC350 23 Heavy Duty Folding Chair, Injection Molded, Gray w/ B...

KaTom #: 228-RC35023

In Stock
$111.36 / Pack of 4
Correll RC350 24
Correll RC350 24 Heavy Duty Folding Chair, Injection Molded, Mocha w/...

KaTom #: 228-RC35024

In Stock
$111.36 / Pack of 4
Correll RC400
Correll RC400 Economy Folding Chairs, Blow-Molded, Gray Granite

KaTom #: 228-RC400

In Stock
$123.54 / Pack of 4
Oak Street SL2082-ESP
Oak Street SL2082-ESP Stacking Chair w/ Tapered Square Back, Vinyl Bac...

KaTom #: 256-SL2082ESP

In Stock
$19.87 / Each
Oak Street SL2089-BLK
Oak Street SL2089-BLK Stacking Banquet Chair w/ Rounded Back, Vinyl Ba...

KaTom #: 256-SL2089BLK

In Stock
$22.77 / Each
Oak Street SL2089-WINE
Oak Street SL2089-WINE Stacking Banquet Chair w/ Rounded Back, Vinyl B...

KaTom #: 256-SL2089WINE

In Stock
$22.77 / Each
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Common Questions About Banquet Chairs

Should I get folding or stackable chairs?

Because banquet chairs are used infrequently, their storage footprint is an important facet of their design. Few operators can afford to allocate the square footage needed to house 100 unused chairs, so these chairs must compensate with a space-saving feature. Stacking chairs are made to be stored in vertical columns, with one chair fitting neatly on top of another. Folding chairs can be collapsed into a thin vertical frame and stored against a wall or on top of each other on the floor. Both options save operators quite a bit of space, but each has benefits depending on your establishment's setup.

Stackable versions do not have any moving pieces, which can create a feeling of stability that is important for such a lightweight piece of equipment. All four legs are locked into a single orientation, so they will not slide around when a guest shifts his or her weight. Stacking chairs typically have hollow legs to remove excess weight when carrying and storing them. These hollow legs do limit the strength of the chair, though, and some will have a maximum weight listed. Although they can be stacked vertically to save space, some venues may not have enough room to store them this way, so consider where you'll be storing your chairs before deciding between stackable and folding.

Foldable chairs are a favorite of caterers, wedding planners, and outdoor venue organizers because of how quickly they can be stored and deployed. Foldable chairs are frequently made of lightweight wood or plastic, but because they are not a set shape, they can feel unstable to guests who are unaccustomed to them. Still, foldable chairs are generally quite strong. Both folding and stacking versions can be made with padding or cushions, providing a comfortable seat for your guests.

Which chairs are best for outdoor or heavy-duty use?

Some of the banquet chairs in our selection are labeled specifically as heavy-duty options. These can be cleaned quickly and are more resistant to staining, scratching, and denting than flimsier models. If you need a seat primarily for outdoor use or use in an uncontrolled area, consider heavy-duty chairs. Most of our mobile seating options are made of materials that can be wiped clean, but for especially deleterious usage, a heavy-duty option might serve you best.

Do banquet chairs have padded seats?

Most chairs in this category offer a form of padding for your guests. Typically, this padding is made from some sort of vinyl or other cleanable material to cut down on maintenance time. Stackable seats frequently offer padding on the bottom and back, while folding seats usually have padding only on the seat portion. Not all of our selections include padding, so check the product description before purchasing.

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